Fumoto Oil Drain Valves | Harley-Davidson

The valve replaces your oil drain plug

harley davidson oil valve plug

Fumoto’s oil valve with hose attached.

Courtesy of Fumoto

The Fumoto Oil Drain Valve is a perfect solution for do-it-yourself Harley-Davidson owners who are tired of the hassle and mess that a regular oil change can create. With the Fumoto Valve’s original ball valve design, you simply lift and turn the lever and oil flows out. Some models even have a nipple on the end to allow for a hose to be attached, further customizing where and what you can drain your oil into.

Fumoto has been making oil changes “Simply Effortless” with safety, reliability and high quality for the last 40 years.

For more information on the new HOG series, please visit www.fumotousa.com

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