FTW Fork Brace Install

Gettin’ A Stiffy

When we try and squeeze every ounce of performance out of a bike that was intended to be a cruiser, we are all going to run into roadblocks, and H-D’s suspension is one of them. The 39mm Showa front end on many Dyna, Sporty, and FXR models is such an obstacle. Once we gave our 1997 Dyna FXD a bit more travel, better fluids, as well as some adjustment, we still found the fork to be a little torsionally weak. In other words, it was a bit squirmy both throughout the suspension travel as well as when we were braking. Wanting to stiffen it up, we looked around at the various fork braces and really liked the San Diego Customs (SDC) FTW (F The Wobble) fork brace due to it’s one-piece design and fork boot option. Being a single-piece design, it takes a bit more time to get the brace on and correctly installed, so we had Chip at SDC show us just how to do it right.


San Diego Customs