Flat Track Racing At The Buffalo Chip TT

AFT twins battle it out in Sturgis

As if Sturgis wasn’t wild enough, they added an American Flat Track TT race right in the middle of the Buffalo Chip. And of course, in true Sturgis fashion, the semifinals were interrupted by rain and the track had to be reconditioned, pushing everything back a few hours. But don’t forget, this isn’t your typical race course by any means, this is an outdoor amphitheater that is changed into a TT race track just one day before the races.

Once the skies cleared and the track was approved, it was back on. The racers came back out with a vengeance and there was no shortage of slide outs and collisions. The main race started with Bauman and Vankerkooi out in front, gaining a decent little lead before Bauman went down in turn four, taking Vanderkooi with him in a crash neither of them recovered from, finishing in 10th and 15th.

Jared Mees and Jake Johnson danced back and forth, staying right on each other through the turns and chasing after one another in every straight. In the end, Johnson took the win on his Indian FTR750. And of course, as you’d expect from the Buffalo Chip, the borders of the track were being torn down during the trophy ceremony to make way for the incoming concert.

Check AmericanFlatTrack.com for the current standings and upcoming race schedules.

Bauman crash at buffalo chip

Bauman(14) goes down in front of Vanderkooi(20)

Morgan Gales

jake johnson celebrating win at finish line

Jake Johnson celebrating his win as he crosses the finish line

Morgan Gales

Jake Johnson flying at Buffalo Chip

Jake Johnson flying through the Chip

Morgan Gales

jake johnson on turn four of buffalo chip tt

Jake Johnson leaving turn four

Morgan Gales

Jared Mees and Jake Johnson racing

Jared Mees and Jake Johnson fighting for first

Morgan Gales

Jared Mees jumping at Buffalo Chip

Jared Mees flying over the jump in front of the Buffalo Chip audience

Morgan Gales

Jeffrey Carver Jr with stalled bike

Jeffrey Carver Jr. sits on the sidelines with a stall

Morgan Gales

Johnson and Mees jumping motorcycles

Johnson chasing Mees over the jump at the Buffalo Chip TT

Morgan Gales

Robert Pearson landing motorcycle jump

Robert Pearson squishing the rear tire with his landing

Morgan Gales

Motorcycles leaving starting line

The front line of the main event leaving the starting line

Morgan Gales

Hayden Gillim jumping motorcycle

The Man In The Van With A Plan, Hayden Gillim

Morgan Gales

Vanderkooi racing at Buffalo Chip TT

Vanderkooi back on the bike and back in the race

Morgan Gales