2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse: First Look

The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse has plenty of attitude

It seems every summer, the next year’s model of bikes are getting introduced sooner and sooner on the calendar. Which makes us feel a bit like Marty McFly on one of his DeLorean outings with Doc Brown. We’re not going to complain though especially when it’s a machine with such a striking and alluring appearance as the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse.

Blacked out from fender tip to fender tip with a raw and powerful presence , it’s sure to stand out in a crowd of bikes at the local bike night or rally. The thundering heart of this steed is the Thunder Stroke 111 engine which produces loads of smooth torque that will have you galloping on the highways and around town in a fun and quick manner.

Our initial ride impression of riding the Dark Horse after about an hour is to sum it up with that it kind of feels like your riding on a cloud down the highway. Yes, the Dark Horse is one smooth riding machine and also handles very predictably with minimal rider input making it feel a lot lighter than it’s 751 lbs ( dry weight).

Look for a more in-depth ride review soon, for now check out the photos and the video.