FBI Drop Seat Kit

Take it Down an Inch...or Three

The Drop Seat Kit includes a new seat, the new subframe with repositioned battery box, extended battery cables, left and right side covers (painted in this case), turn signal module (TSM) mount, fuse box mount, and additional mounting hardware. For bikes with ABS brakes, an additional module is required and available separately ($199.95).

Here is a shot at the stock rear frame section (bottom) and the new subframe (top). The new subframe features the reshaped lowered section that brings the seat down about 3 inches. It simply bolts right in place of the stock subframe in a snap.

Here’s a top view of how the new seat looks; it feels narrower and it’s comfortable. Note that a 2-Up Touring seat and a solo seat are also available with the kit.

Here’s how the bike looks from the side. Notice the dropped seating position in between the bags.

When Harley-Davidson developed a new chassis for 2009 Touring models, Fat Baggers, Inc. (FBI) created a new Drop Seat Kit ($1,799.95 with unpainted side panels, with painted side panels $2,050.95) that would alter the Motor Company’s rear frame section to lower the riding position approximately 3 inches.

According to Kent Reed, sales and marketing agent with FBI, with this kit they were able to achieve 3 inches of drop in seat height without sacrificing suspension, frame clearance or seat comfort to give riders a better footing for starting/stopping stability and more confidence when they ride, stop, and take off.

We stumbled upon the FBI booth at the ’09 Laughlin River Run and it just so happened they were getting ready to install the Drop Seat Kit on a ’09 Street Glide. We snapped some photos of the install, which you can see the full article on sale July 28, 2009!!!!!