Custom 2015 Harley-Davidson Evo Sportster Motor

Name: Andy Carter

Shop Name: Pangea Speed

Website: pangeaspeed.com

Handle: @pangeaspeed

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Age: 30

First Bike: Yamaha pw80

Years Building: 10

Favorite Food: Sub sandos

Favorite Beverage: Ginger ale

Favorite Spot on Earth: Burnside Skatepark

Your Speed and Style bike build consists of:
My version of what a digger would have looked like in 1986 when the Evo Sportster engine was introduced

What engine is powering your creation?
A fresh-out-of-the-crate 2015 Evo Sportster 1,200cc

Other outstanding attributes and modifications of your build?
A complete custom frame, custom sheet metal, handmade front end, crazy carb setup, a magneto. I custom fabbed the exhaust, seat, bars, and brakes as well. Basically everything on the bike was hand crafted or heavily modified.