East Bound And Down

An Evo Chop Headed for the Rising Sun

The Japanese operate on a different level than the rest of the world. Somehow they are often able to out “Americanize” the American style of building customs. Kutty Noteboom, owner of Hippy Killer Garage, organizer of the Hippy Killer Hoedown and son of world famous car builder Jim “Bones” Noteboom, knows one, two, or a thousand things about the chopper scene himself. So when Kutty builds a custom that’s bound for Japan, you better bet it’s going to be done right.

More often than not, a project takes on a life of its own after starting with a few spare parts lying around the shop. Kutty explains how this eastbound-and-down chop got started, “The bike started out as a shop bike and something to putt around on. I had the Evo motor sitting for a year when Shige, Goshu, and the fine folks at Mooneyes asked me if I wanted to come to Japan. I said, ‘Of course!’ but that meant I had to finish it and make it look more presentable than originally planned. Mind you, I had the wheels made, frame/engine and it was the end of July with the bike needing to leave in October for Japan.”

Hippy Killer Garage might be well known around the world, but like most working class Joes, it’s a family run and minimally staffed operation making the few months timeframe a bit more difficult than it sounds. “If you don’t know Hippy Killer, it is just me and at the time my friend Justin would help once in a while in the shop. My wife answers the phones sometimes and is there for ‘moron’ support. Other than that, I was trying to get it and two other bikes done, all while putting together parts and shipping shirts and parts to my valued customers. People think if you have a website, you’re running some huge factory.”

After a few short months of hard work, the Evo-powered burner was ready for a shakedown. After coming off the initial testride, Kutty returned white-knuckled, saying, “The bike is a beast and needs a front brake. That’s too much power for a little bike. It also burns up starters if you don’t remember to use the compression releases. Overall, it is a tight, fun little beast. No complaints though. I enjoyed every minute of it. I would like to thank Keith Dean for helping with the molding, Dave Whittle for the paint, Freddy Hernandez for help with the frame, Mark Cooper for the engraving on the headlight and air cleaner, and David O’Hanlon for the rocker boxes.”

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Owner Kutty Noteboom

Shop Hippy Killer Garage

Website hippykiller.com

Year/Make/Model 1999/Harley-Davidson/Custom

Fabrication Kutty Noteboom

Build Time Six months

Engine H-D

Year/Type/Size 1999/Evo/80-inch

Builder Donnie Leslie

Cases H-D

Cylinders H-D

Heads Branch/H-D dual plug high compression

Rocker Boxes Evo sporty engraved by David O’ Hanlon in Australia

Cams EV3

Throttle Body S&S Super E

Air Cleaner Mooneyes

Exhaust 2-into-1 custom by Hippy Killer


Year/Type Ultima six-speed

Gears Stock

Clutch BDL

Primary Drive Stock hacked up


Year/Type ’70s/Shovelhead

Rake/Stretch 27 +/


Frontend Narrow 41 Panhead glide

Length Under stock

Triple Trees 1939 H-D

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

Front Billet made to look similar to Morris

Builder/Size Some Guy in Pomona/21-inch

Tire/Size Avon Speedmaster/21-inch


Builder/Size Some Guy in Pomona/18-inch

Tire/Size Coker Diamond/18-inch

Caliper GMA sprotor


Manufacturer House of Kolor

Colors Black and Candy Red

Paint/Graphics Paint Dave Whittle/Graphics Japanese maple leafs and lacey undies

Plating/Polishing Superior Plating/Geronimo at USA Metal Polishing

Powdercoating Chrisman Powdercoating Nuevo, CA


Rear Fender Front fender off of something?

Gas Tank Modified Mustang by HK/ Oil Tank, Narrowed H-D Softail

Handlebars Drag bars by HK

Footpegs Hippy Killer Red

Hand Controls Biltwell Whiskey throttle, early clutch lever

Foot Controls Mids by HK, brake side modified H-D

Headlight Sand cast shroud

Taillight HK ‘FTW’ taillight

Turn Signals Arms

License Mount Shoestring

Seat Pan by HK, upholstered by Ron Mangus