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The LoadAll V3 Model 630 ($2,695) fully extended and ready to do its job.

Here is how the ramp looks with the tailgate closed. As you can see, you still have use of the truck bed and the LoadAll doesn’t take too much space. In fact, with the added height from the platform, it raises the bike above the wheel wells essentially giving you more room width-wise in the bed making it easier to carry more than one bike. We have a Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-stop wheel lock and installed some Recessed L Track from Steadymate to help secure a bike once loaded.

While it is a pretty pricey ramp, the ease and simplicity of this system and the ability for one person to load a dresser by himself/herself pays off in the long run and makes this a very user-friendly product. And you could always start a one-man motorcycle towing/transportation business to help offset the cost of the ramp. We have a video on our website showing how easy the ramp is to use. Check it out the video we posted as well.

No matter what industry you are in or hobbies you are into, it never seems to fail that you’ll come across a product or idea that makes you say, “Hmm…why didn’t I think of that?” That’s pretty much what we thought when we came across the LoadAll V3 ramp system from Inner Box Loading Systems. The LoadAll ramp is one of those products that anyone with a motorcycle and a pickup could benefit from, as there always seems to be some reason (whether we want to admit it or not) that a bike needs to be loaded into the back of a truck.

The LoadAll system is a sturdy, aluminum, multi-piece, folding/sliding base platform and ramp extension system designed to mount into the bed of a pickup between the fender wells. The system allows you to close the tailgate and use the truck bed as you normally would when a bike is not in the back and is available for various bed sizes.

However, when you find your buddy stranded on the side of the road, or you decide to haul your bike across the country, you can simply open the tailgate, slide out the ramp extensions, and roll the bike up into the bed. What’s unique about the LoadAll V3 is that the sliding platform will extend over the tailgate and essentially turn your short bed into a long bed with more than 8 feett of platform to haul even the longest choppers.

One of the benefits is that the way the system is designed, when you load a bike into the bed, the weight of the bike and rider is distributed onto the ramp and not on the tailgate like traditional ramps-it’s just an added benefit and peace of mind knowing you’re not depending on two spindly cables (or whatever your tailgate set up) to support the load. But best of all the system is so user friendly and secure that one person can easily load a bike by himself/herself. We ordered a LoadAll ramp for our 1995 Chevy extended cab short bed.

Check out the video we posted as well
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