Dymag Carbon Fiber Wheels Installed

Lighter carbon fiber wheels shed weight on this Harley-Davidson

Dymag has been making its brand of carbon-fiber wheels for sportbikes for many years. When our friends at Orient Express told us that Dymag was importing fitments for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, we just knew we had to get our greasy mitts on a set for an upcoming project bike. Once we ordered up a set of Dymag’s CA-5 Wheels in the needed sizes we took them over to Wheel Works to get a set of tires mounted on them before getting them on the bike at IMZZ Elite. Here’s how it all went down.

Carbon-Fiber Wheels for Harley-Davidson

Dymag Carbon-Fiber Wheels

Jeff G Holt

Dymag wheel

Every single Dymag wheel is handmade, one by one, in the UK.

Jeff G. Holt

The light, strong, and beautiful Dymag wheels come prepped from the factory with what is needed to install on the given make and model of the bike.

Jeff G. Holt

Made from carbon fiber, the Dymag wheels weigh a fraction of both stock and aftermarket steel and aluminum wheels.

Jeff G. Holt

Wheel Works

The photo shows the details of this wheel right before Mat at Wheel Works wrapped it in Michelin rubber.

Jeff G. Holt

Mounted and balanced

Each tire was carefully mounted and balanced on the set of wheels to make sure they perform as good as they look.

Jeff G. Holt

Mat from Wheel Works

Here is Mat with the finished product just waiting to rip up the streets!

Jeff G. Holt

Dymag carbon wheels at IMZZ Elite

And here are the Dymag carbon wheels at IMZZ Elite, bolted up to our project FXR.

Jeff G. Holt




Imzz Elite

Wheel Works