Drag Specialties®/Hotop Designs Battery Lift Tool

Drag Specialties Product Release

Drag Specialties offers only the best, most durable parts, tools and accessories that fuel the imaginations of millions of motorcyclists worldwide.  It doesn’t matter if you are performing maintenance or creating a custom dream machine; be assured that Drag Specialties will provide you with the finest quality parts and service on all your purchases.  Now we offer an innovative tool that combines safety with practicality and can be used on a broad spectrum of motorcycles. The Battery Lift Tool was designed to work on Touring models and other bikes where the battery is removed vertically.  It allows the user to easily remove and install a battery without the worry of damaging their bike or injuring themselves. This tool grips the battery in the case seam on each end and works on most sealed brands.  An all-metal construction, with a durable powder coat finish that resists battery acid damage and will provide years of reliable service.  Use on YIX30L batteries and other similar size batteries with approximately 6 9/16″ overall length.  It is not recommended for use as a battery carrier, and the user should always support the battery weight after it is accessible. Sug. Retail $29.95

For more information, go to www.dragspecialties.com or contact your local Drag Specialties dealer.