New techically advanced anti-slip foot gear

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The Apex, The Charge and The Dash

Courtesy of Dickies and Michelin

Leveraging more than two combined centuries worth of manufacturing knowledge, the new line includes three high traction shoe options: The Apex, The Charge and The Dash, delivering outstanding stability, adherence, and slip resistance with added comfort and durability.

Inspired by the MICHELIN City Pro tire, a motorbike tire that grips the road even on increasingly slippery surfaces, the Dickies-MICHELIN footwear soles are designed to combat the hazards of wet, greasy and oil-slicked surfaces which hospitality and service workers frequently face on the job. Each Dickies-MICHELIN shoe design option features:

  • Siped shoulder sculptures providing optimal lateral adherence and stability.

  • High-edged tread design for maximum traction.

  • Multi-directional anti-slip tread pattern allowing excellent adherence on all types of slippery floor surfaces.

  • Deep grooves in the tread design to improve liquid evacuation and provide more flexibility and comfort.

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