Custom Dynamics Mini Beast Air Horns

The newest in the stable

Custom Dynamics has added two horns to its expanding line of Mini-Beast Air Horns. All Custom Dynamics Mini-Beast horns are 100% Self Contained Air Horns, have an ear piercing 136db twin trumpet blast, works flawless on the new HD CANBus/BCM systems, and have a Class Dominating 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty. The two new horns feature a carbon fiber or a skull theme. They are made in the USA with our new Hydro-Dipping process and are finished with a special poly clear coat for long lasting durability. Dimensions:  5″ wide x 5″ high x 3″ depth (excluding mounting tab) MSRP: $199.95. Contact Custom Dynamics at 1-800-382-1388, or your local Drag Specialties Dealer.