Custom Bikes Wheels/Tires Buyer’s Guide

New Dimension in Wheels
From 2D to 3D, concept to reality, MC Advantages presents its new super-premium forged 3D wheels. They currently come in six styles, including the Foose-designed Lusso and new Russell Marlow-designed Trippin wheel. The other styles include Barb, Big Homie, Torq Thrust, and SnM. These wheels have deep designs that stretch from the center of the hub to the very top edges of the rim. Each style is available in a variety of sizes, including 21×2.15, 21×3, 18×3.5, 18×5.5, 18×6.5, and 18×10.5. Also available are premium rotors, pulleys, and brake brackets that match each wheel style.For more information, contact MC Advantages, (515) 369-4320,

What a Contrast
What the heck is a “contrast cut” wheel? PM tells us this look is achieved by polishing and black-anodizing the wheel prior to cutting the shape into it, then leaving the newly exposed aluminum in its raw state. The effect is a stunning contrast between natural metal and the smooth finish of the black anodization. For now, PM is only doing this unique finish on the Judge design (brand-new for ’06) but already has matching black-anodized pulleys, discs, and sprockets.For more information, contact Performance Machine, (714) 523-3000,

Turning of the Wheel
With the turning of the year, Softail and Dyna models have acquired new rear tire sizes from the factory. In order to maintain the factory tire width, American Wire Wheel offers its entire product line to fit the new ’06 Harley-Davidson applications. Specifically, all wheel styles are available in 18×5.5 for the Softail bikes with the 200mm tires and 18×4.25 for the Dynas with the 160mm tires. American Wire Wheel offers many custom finish options for its wheels, such as color matching, 24K gold plating, copper plating, and more.For more information, contact American Wire Wheel, (800) 543-5553,

On the Run
Whether you’re on the run or on the road, Perewitz’s Felon wheels will let you do it in style. Rear Felons can be ordered in sizes from a mild-mannered 16×3 up to a mind-warping 18×14. Fronts start at 16×3 and go up to a tall 23×4. They’re available finished in flawless mirror deep chrome, fully polished, natural, and powdercoated in virtually any color. Standard and RSD are offered, as are applications for use with single, dual, or no brake at all up front. Felons are available exclusively from Perewitz Cycle Fab.For more information, contact Perewitz Cycle Fab, (508) 697-3595,

Wheel and Tire Combo
When it comes to your build, time can make the difference between you making your big entrance at a bike show in your shiny new bike or driving to the show surrounded by other people’s new bikes. To save you time and money, RC Components now offers all its wheels with tires premounted and balanced. Each wheel comes with your choice of a Metzeler or Avon tire. They are ready for immediate installation the minute they arrive at your door! Let RC Components take the hassle out of your next build or upgrade.For more information, contact RC Components, (800) 360-0915,

Stare Into the Hub
…of the Blade custom wheel from Harley-Davidson. You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the 10 slim spokes that flow from the center hub and spiral rearward to blend with the outer rim. Forged for strength from 6061 aircraft aluminum, the mirror-polished surface is chrome-plated for a brilliant shine that also resists the elements and is easy to clean. The 21-inch front Blade custom wheel fits ’00-and-later FXST, FXSTB, FXSTS, and FXSTD (except FXSTDSE) models, and ’00-’05 FXDWG models. The 17-inch rear Blade custom wheel fits ’06 FXST, FXSTB, and FXSTS and ’06 FLSTFSE2 models.For more information, contact your local Harley-Davidson dealer, (800) 443-2153,

The Wheel Has Spoken
These Billet Boys spoke wheels are not just all talk-they’re performance, too. The assemblies feature the Akront rims and Billet Boys aluminum hubs. The rims have Akront’s custom “MTR” cross-section design, while the hubs are machined from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum; their spoke flanges are designed to handle today’s high-horsepower motors. The rims and hubs are available with either show chrome or polished finish. They can be laced with several styles of custom heavy-gauge spokes, in 40-spoke configurations, and are available in 16- to 21-inch sizes, in widths from 2.15 to 5.5 inches.For more information, contact Billet Boys, (510) 471-3026,

If the Wheel Fits
Let your bike try one of Revolution Manufacturing’s new carbon wheels for size. With a variety of measurements, including 18×3.5, 19×3, and 21×2.15 for the front and 18×3.5, 18×5.5, and 18×8.5 for the rear (while a 21×3 and 23×3 fronts are in the works, as are an 18×9 and 18×10.5 for the rear), your bike is sure to find the right fit. Applications include all current V-Twin bikes, including the V-Rod. Special applications can be ordered. The front sizes weigh a mere 6 lbs with hubs and bearings, with the rears weighing 8 lbs for the 18×5.5 and 9 lbs for the 18×8.5. This equates to a substantial weight savings over billet and even spoke wheels. Gains of 10-15 hp are guaranteed.For more information, contact Revolution Manufacturing, (770) 420-9191,

Innovation Illumination
See the heavenly light and hear the ethereal melody that accompanies the Innovator, one of Xtreme Machine’s three new designs in the Innovation series. Take note of the Innovator’s staggered and offset spokes, with three spokes starting and ending on one side of the rim, and three more starting and ending on the other side, creating a unique design unlike any other rim.For more information, contact Xtreme Machine, (217) 291-0200,

Meet the Fokkers
Fokker III, along with Zepher and Zepplin, is part of Pro-One’s one-piece forged-aluminum wheel collection. Precision machined to aircraft tolerances, the wheels are offered with a mirror-perfect polish, show-quality chrome, or anodized black finish. Wheels are shipped complete with Pro-One premium hubs for installation on stock or custom bikes. They’re offered in a wide variety of sizes from 16×3.5 to 21×3.5.For more information, contact Pro-One, (800) 884-4173,

The Wheel Revolution
The long-awaited revolution in spoke wheels is here. Arlen Ness has created a new class of wheel with the company’s all-new billet spoke wheels. The rim, center hub, and spokes are all machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The wheels are available in cross and radial-laced spoke patterns in your choice of chrome or gloss-black anodized finish. Sizes available include 21×3-1/2 and 18×10-1/2 rims, with more to come.For more information, contact Arlen Ness, (925) 479-6300,

New Wheels for a New Year
With an unveiling at the Cincinnati Big-Twin Show, Renegade Wheels officially released its new 3D Platinum Series lineup for the ’06 product year. The five new 3D Platinum Series Wheels have a time-intensive, custom-machined 3D design that answers the demand for affordable contoured wheels. A definite highlight in the new series, Phoenix, is a super-sleek and smooth seven-spoke wheel tailored to both choppers and baggers.For more information, contact Renegade Wheels, (714) 998-7241,

The “Smooth 9s” from RMD Billet integrate a classic spoke style with that raw industrial look you didn’t even know you were looking for-until you saw it. These three-part masterpieces were designed to give just another smooth wheel the raw edge that separates it from the typical. Contrasting the smoothly machined contours with the hard edge of 40 industrial-grade bolts gives you an R-rated wheel that the general public hasn’t figured out whether to love or hate. Machined and assembled from individual pieces of 6061-billet aircraft-grade aluminum, these rollers are polished, chromed, or powdercoated and are locked together with 12-point chrome-plated bolts. All hubs are assembled with sealed bearings and are manufactured for drive-side or sprocket/brake setups only.For more information, contact RMD Billet, (507) 348-8877,

Monster Mash
Monster bikes need to be balanced on monster wheels, not average-sized tires that would give them a bound-feet look. Exile Cycle offers a wide range of spoke wheels, including the Monster, which features a 15×7 aluminum rim, huge ?-inch stainless spokes, a wide billet hub, and the massive 230-Series tire from Avon. Also available are a 16×7 version for the Metzeler 240-Series tire and a handful of other rear/front wheel combinations to help you achieve that tough, beefy look! The wheels are supplied show-polished but may be purchased in a black-anodized or powdercoat finish as well. Each comes complete with a tire and features fully sealed bearings for zero maintenance.For more information, contact Exile Cycles, (818) 255-3330,

The New Saber
You know something’s cool when everyone else is buying it. Exotic Custom Cycles’ hottest seller, the Saber Signature Series, has been released with new designs. The Saber wheel is known for its cutting-edge design and is ideal for people looking to stand out in a crowd. Also available are matching rotors and pulleys.For more information, contact Exotic Custom Cycles, (561) 248-4633,

As Seen on TV
Carolina Custom Products’ “Joust” is the company’s latest custom wheel design. The Joust was originally used as an exclusive wheel for the Discovery Channel’s Southern Steel series. Now it’s finally available to the general public. The Joust features a sleek three-dimensional design that’s sure to turn heads. The Joust is available in both chrome and polished sets, including front and rear wheels, rotors, and your choice of a sprocket or a pulley.For more information, contact Carolina Customs, (704) 592-2355,

Go With the Flow
Phluid wheels sit in a class all their own. It’s Phluid’s true 3D contouring and solid modeling techniques that allow the company’s designers to create wheels with a fluidity that gives them their name. Phluid wheels are the solution to the typical “skull & dagger” cookie-cutter wheels that flood the market today.For more information, contact Phluid Wheels,

Custom Designs
Nothing says “custom” better than designer-made products. Custom Chrome’s Designer wheels feature famous designer names at reasonable prices. The designs are meticulously CNC-machined from forged billet – aluminum blanks and then slathered with show chrome. Combine them with the appropriate hub kit for your desired application, and you’re ready to roll! Most hubs, whether for ’00-up applications or not, have the late-style sealed bearings for improved reliability and a straighter ride. The wheels include nylon rim protectors for mounting tires.For more information, contact your local Custom Chrome dealer, (800) 729-3332,

Rims of Excel-lence
Just like having dry and cracking skin, having flaking and peeling wheels is equally unsightly. FTM’s Excel rims for Harleys showcase deep lustrous show chrome that prevents shedding in layers. Constructed of 6-series aluminum alloy to be lightweight and strong, the wheels feature a classic 40-spoke pattern that’s perfect for restorers or stock replacement. They are available in stock and custom diameters (16 to 21 inches) and widths (1.85 to 5.5 inches). All front and rear rims are drilled to match OE 40-hole hubs.For more information, contact FTM Enterprises, (760) 732-3161,

Wish Upon a Star
You don’t have to be religious to admire the quality and beauty of Archangel Custom Cycle’s “Star of David” wheels. The Star of David, derived literally from the Hebrew magen David (shield of David) carries not only religious but also artistic significance. The wheels are available polished or chromed to fit your stock Harley or your most radical custom. Also available to match are the Star of David pulley, sprocket, and SS polished rotors, derby, and points covers.For more information, contact Archangel Custom Cycle Inc., (336) 667-2111,

Keep Them Turning
For an old/new look, Ride Wright Wheels’ Fat Daddy is available for all models, including the Flying Dutchman bike. The 3/8-inch-thick spokes are polished and torqued in the hub at a very high rate and braced with Locktite for strength and stability, while the hub is machined off a solid 6061 T-6 aluminum bar. The Fat Daddy is offered in every color and combination to map a rainbow.For more information, contact Ride Wright Wheels, (714) 632-8297,

Go the Extra Mile
Get more mileage from these OEM-sized Metzeler ME 880 Marathon tires for your cruiser and touring bikes. Featuring a higher load capacity, the tires have a tread compound with the latest silica components for improved grip on wet surfaces. The silica compounds also reduce rolling resistance, thus increasing tire mileage. The front whitewall tires feature a rounded tread profile for smooth, neutral steering, while the rear whitewall tires feature a flatter tread profile and larger contact patch for better traction and mileage. Metzeler has used a computer-designed tread pattern with offset groove alignment to produce uniform wear characteristics and low noise. This tread pattern has excellent water displacement ability and stability with rain grooves and under hard braking. These tires are H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph.For more information, contact your local Drag Specialties dealer,

Another First
Firsts are always the most memorable and notable, no matter how many repeat experiences may follow. Another first-and definitely very notable-from Weld Racing is the company’s new 17×6.25 one-piece forged billet wheel that was designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically for Harley-Davidson’s new wider-tire bikes. These wheels are available in a wide variety of styles and have matching front wheels, rotors, and pulleys for that complete custom look. FXST Softail Standard, FXSTB Night Train, and FXSTS Softail Springer are all the ’06 models with new 200 tire fitment. The new 17x 6.25 size is available in the following styles: Starburst, Recluse, Venetti, Blade, and all the Master Builder styles.For more information, contact Weld Racing, (714) 280-8537,

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Make a bold statement and choose from the color spectrum of Landmark’s spoke wheels, from blue, black, yellow, and orange to red, for a colorful ride. This new color option is a mere $150 additional cost on any of the company’s 80, 40, or Fat 40 spoke wheels. Priced from $549.95, all Landmark spoke wheels are built with billet-aluminum hubs and spun-steel rims, along with polished stainless-steel spokes. Stainless steel will not peel, chip, rust, or discolor and holds a high polish for a long-lasting, great-looking wheel.For more information, contact Landmark Motorcycle Accessories, (800) 497-0312,

A Milestone in Tires
Metzeler has just unveiled its new Conti Milestone tire for heavy touring bikes, cruisers, and Harleys. The Milestone delivers exceptionally high mileage and high levels of wet and dry grip through the use of Continental’s “activated silica compound” (ASC). ASC is exclusive to Conti and differs from a standard silica-based compound in that it allows the Milestone to deliver 30 percent more wet grip while at the same time increasing mileage. The breaker/belted tire design utilizes nylon/rayon in the casing and belting structure, which yields unmatched comfort and stability. Each Milestone tire is TL/TT (tubeless/tube type) designation, which means the same tire can be used with or without a tube.For more information, contact your local Metzeler or Continental dealer, (614) 855-6960,

The More the Merrier
The general consensus is the more choices the better, so that there are styles available to suit everyone’s varying tastes. Three new styles, for ’87-’99 FXST in 21-inch front and 16- or 18-inch rear applications, were recently introduced as a new line of Wyatt Gatling wheels to the already impressive wheel collection of V-Twin Mfg. Beautifully detailed in forged billet chrome for an outstanding finish, the wheels include adapter spaces and bearings as required.For more information, contact your local V-Twin dealer,

The Discerning Eye
The eye, being indulgent, is always drawn to the brightest and most beautiful spots. Let Tight Custom wheels be the most noticeable part of your bike, with offerings in 17×12 and 18×14 in one-piece rear placement forged from aircraft-alloy aluminum. Complete sets are available polished, powdercoated, or chromed. Six new wheels are available in the company’s ’06 lineup.For more information, contact Tight Customs, (661) 775-0385,

The Pole Dance
Staying true to the company’s name, Strip Club Choppers has brought the party to your bike with the introduction of the “Pole Girl” custom parts series. Pole Girl rims are available in any size necessary to customize your Harley or build that custom chopper. The Pole Girl rims are part of a full complement of accessories including footpegs, pulley, rotors, shift linkage, levers, mirrors, jockey shift, risers, point, derby, and inspection covers.For more information, contact Strip Club Choppers, (714) 465-7103,

Put Lady Luck on Your Ride
Being the lone rider can sometimes be, well, lonely. Pin-Up Girl Wheels ensures you have 20 pin-up beauty queens to keep you company whenever you ride with the Lucky Seven Girl Wheels. The key elements to a biker lifestyle are all proudly displayed in these wheels: Atlantic City, red translucent dice in different configurations of “lucky 7,” and of course stunning 3D babes along for the ride. The Lucky Seven Girl is available with matching rotors and pulley, and is finished in chrome. You can also choose from all the available colors of anodization.For more information, contact Pin-Up Girl Wheels, (973) 744-3534,

Avon Goes Tall
Avon introduces two new sizes to suit custom bikes. The new tires, a 130/60R23 64V AM41 (front) and 280/40R20 89V AM42 (rear) will be the latest additions to Avon’s Venom range. The front 130/60R23 AM41 Venom will fit rims between 3.5 and 4.00 inches, and will have a nominal width of 130mm and an approximate overall diameter of 740mm. The rear 280/40R20 AM42 Venom has been designed for rims between 9.5 and 10.5 inches and will measure an estimated 280mm wide, with an overall diameter of approximately 732mm. Both new tires are V-rated for speeds of up to 149 mph/240 kph. With Aramid belts for added stability, the tires’ radial construction means the 280/40R20 can be paired with a radial, bias-belted, or cross-ply front tire. Both front and rear tires boast special “rim protectors” to help prevent damage to wheels from potholes.For more information, contact Avon Motorcycle, (800) 624-7470,

Do Your W-7s
GMA Engineering’s W-7 wheel has a unique three-dimensional design like no other billet wheel on the market. The fully CNC-machined design matches the GMA brake pulley system and floating rotors. It is available in various sizes from 18×8.5 to 21×2.15. This chrome-plated wheel comes fully assembled with wheel bearings and valve stem.For more information, contact GMA Engineering, (402) 330-5105,

The Brightest Star
Be as eye-catching and brilliant as the sun as you roll around in Buell’s Sunset Orange XB wheels, colored in the same radiant neon color featured on the ’06 Lightning Long XB12Ss model. The lightweight, six-spoke, cast-aluminum front wheel is compatible with the Buell ZTL Braking System. The rear wheel also features a six-spoke, cast-aluminum design. The rich Sunset Orange color is applied as a smooth, durable powdercoat finish.For additional information, contact Buell Accessories, (800) 443-2153,