Cruise-Mate Throttle Assist

IronBraid's latest addition to its line of products

IronBraid Cruisemate

Retails for $49.95

Courtesy of IronBraid

Cruise-Mate is an easy to use lever operated throttle assist. Using Cruise-Mate takes about as much effort as operating your directional signal button, operates in 1/4 turn or less. Once installed, Cruise-Mate is extremely reliable and easy to operate. When you want to set the throttle simply flip lever forward (towards front of bike), you can still turn throttle once Cruise-Mate is set. Flip lever back (toward rear of bike) and throttle returns to normal operation. When adjusted properly the throttle does not lock completely and can be turned back to the closed position without touching the lever in the event of an emergency. Is not a cruise control, and will not maintain speed when going uphill.

Cruise-Mate was originally designed to replace the Harley-Davidson Idle Adjustment Thumbscrew but is available for the following motorcycles: All Harley Davidson’s 82-Present, 98- 07 Victory, 98-Present Big Dogs, all Can-Am Spyders and many Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. Available with either a Chrome or Black Powder Coated Handle, all internal components are Stainless Steel. Cruise-Mate will not fit motorcycles with throttle cables that come out the side of the housings, or most Honda‚Äôs.

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