CRKT Tecpatl Punch Dagger

Tactical knife designed by a Green Beret

CRKT is releasing the Tecpatl tactical fixed blade push dagger. Designed by Michael R. Rodriguez of Fayetteville, North Carolina, as a part of the Forged By War Program, it’s the type of tool he wished had existed while he was serving overseas. So ergonomically thoughtful, in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to tell where your anatomy ends and the blade begins.

The blade of this powerful 3.4” knife features a black powder coat finish for corrosion resistance and is complete with a sugar skull laser marking as a reflection of Michael’s heritage and his own personal story. You’ll probably recognize the horns, the Crusader’s Cross, and the Office of Strategic Services Symbol. What you might not know is that Michael was a member of seven Special Forces group—he commemorates this with the engraved 7 just above the blade and the arrow that’s reminiscent of the crossed arrows of the Special Forces. Finally, the three lightning bolts pay homage to the Green Beret.


crkt tactical punch dagger

Lean and mean.

Courtesy of CRKT

The first-finger hole at the base of the blade is perfectly sized for most digits, and the open hole adjacent makes for a rock-solid grip. It’s secure in the closed-fist position, making it ideal for pushing or slashing. If situations shift or deescalate, the low-profile hold allows you to grab your gun, or assailant, without dropping or shifting the knife’s position in your hand. The Kydex sheath is spring loaded with a MOLLE compatible gear clip so it’s always exactly where you need it.

Rodriguez built the concept for this dagger on one conviction: a good combat fighter relies on instinct; a great fighter understands the importance of an ergonomically flawless weapon. We’ll take his word for it—he served 21 years in the United States Army and retired as a Green Beret.

Anyone can throw a punch. Not everyone can make it count when it’s a last resort. That’s where the Tecpatl comes in.

The Tecpatl knife manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $89.99

Founded in 1994, CRKT is the industry’s premier brand of knives, tools, and lifestyle accessories, with a reputation for innovative design. For more information, call: (800) 891-3100, email: [email protected], on the web:

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