Costa Mesa Speedway – Harley Night

Run what you brung in the dirt.

Speedway racing is one the biggest bang for your buck for spectators. Male or female, young or old, veteran biker or brand new rider, the action that takes place in the dirt is easily enjoyed by all. The races are short, fast and loud and literally talk back to the fans in the form of flying dirt clods if caught in the wrong seat. If you have never been to Costa Mesa Speedway, or any circle track racing, do yourself a favor and go. You won’t be disappointed.

A few times a year, Costa Mesa Speedway host what it calls “Harley Night”. It’s a open invitation for anyone with an American made V-twin sitting in literally any type of motorcycle frame, can come out and race on the track. Everything from long-bike choppers, sportsters, baggers, trikes, dirt trackers, stock bikes and everything in between are set loose to bang bars for the crowd. There is no practice at Harley Night. Its show up, start up and go racing! It’s one of the most popular nights of the year and this past Saturday, May 31st proved to be no exception as the stands were at capacity and the crowd was cheering from standing room only.

Hot Bike Online Editor Ed Subias used this venue to launch his new project Budget Street Tracker that we’ll be featuring the build up in the next few weeks. Also racing was Hot Bike Test Rider Troy Hoff and his project Dyna Stunt Bike that we’ve been covering in the last few issue of the magazine. Other impressive riders were #jimmyburnouts who had his full dresser pitched sideways and took home the first place win. All the riders did a fantastic job with only a few spills and crashes to slow down the action.

The next “Harley Night” for 2014 is scheduled for August 23rd. We’re going to try and call out some of the other Bonnier Magazine editors to come out and bang bars with us. Check out or the full race schedule. See you at the races.