Corbin Bagger Conversion – Saddle Up

Corbin has a wide variety of components to turn your FLH model into something like this. Constructed of Fibertech material, the Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebag kit features a more swooped look than past setups, and chrome strips were added for a more refined look.

The Samson exhaust side-exits were specially designed for the Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebag Setup. Made with stainless steel bodies, the Samson system is thermal coated in black with a show-chromed slash-cut, rolled edge tip.

Designed to provide a nostalgic look to the bike while offering wind protection, the Fleetliner Fairing was also shaped to provide more efficient aerodynamics so that your bike is actually more fuel efficient. Made of Fibertech material, the fairing creates less turbulence and buffeting, which gives you a quieter and smoother ride.

Constructed of Fibertech material, the Corbin Chin Spoiler creates a smooth, flowing shape that covers the frame downtubes, cleaning up the frontend, and is shaped for wind-splitting aerodynamics with air ducts placed to provide necessary cooling for your engine. For an added flair, Corbin incorporated its Billet Aluminum Grille into the design, which fits into the air duct to create a smooth line.

To complement the Fleetliner components, Corbin’s new Front Fender design provides a clean and smooth look for your H-D bagger. Featuring the right size and shape for any frontend of the Touring models, Corbin’s Front Fender also installs easily on a bike and was designed to work with stock wheel sizes.

The Fleetliner contoured saddlebags hug the profile of the bike and are kept close to the centerline for proper weight handling. To complement the bags, matching side covers were added and feature triple chrome strips, too. And, the whole deal easily bolts up to your stock chassis.

Part of the Fleetliner Saddlebag Kit, the rear fender is taller than past fenders and angled more for a cleaner look, and comes with a color-matched insert that covers a passenger seat mounting location.

Depending on how much time you can devote, you can turn your stock Road King (or FLH model) into something like the Corbin custom before you in a single weekend with little, if any, modification.

Corbin may be best known for its motorcycle seats, but the company has also been busy designing and producing body components. Whether you want to dress up your ride or convert your stock bike into something new, Corbin has a wide variety of products to customize your motorcycle. In fact, the once stock ’04 Road King before you was converted using mostly Corbin components in a single weekend without modifying the stock chassis.

Compared to some of Corbin’s setups in the past, Lead Designer Mike Corbin, and R&D; crew, Vince Zavala and Freddy Amezcua, wanted cleaner components when it came to the design of the bike. “We worked with the wind to get the flow just right,” Mike said. Starting with the backend, the crew wanted to cover the frame members in the rear, develop a taller rear fender, and design saddlebags around it. They also wanted to sell the rear section as a kit with the reasoning that one part needs the other for the best look. Corbin developed its Fleetliner Saddlebag Setup (MSRP $2,699 primer), which includes the side covers, rear fender, license plate frame/taillight, and saddlebags. The Fleetliner and all the Corbin components on this bagger, are available pre-painted to match with factory colors or can be ordered in primer for custom paintwork.

In addition to the Fleetliner, Corbin’s other newest incarnation is the Front Fender (MSRP $299 primer), and for this conversion, the company also added a Chin Spoiler and Grille (MSRP $399 primer). Corbin’s latest fairing style is the Fleetliner (MSRP $1,199 primer), which offers wind protection and features subtle details like the center-rib and chrome trim. All the Corbin components are designed to fit ’97 to present H-D FLH models, and work with rear tire sizes up to 180mm with the tire centered, not offset. For more information, including pricing on painted and two-tone components, contact Corbin.