The Cop Chop Shovelhead

Mcquiston’s Chopper Designs LBC builds the Cop Chop chopper for himself

Cop Chop Shovelhead

The bike started as a 1970 swingarm frame but now features a 1.5-inch-longer backbone, a 6-inch-taller downtube, and a 43-degree neck. “It was built for hauling ass through traffic… and it rides nice,” Ryan Mcquiston said.

Jesse Kiser

Ryan Mcquiston decided to experiment with the dimensions on this build. The frame is 1.5 inches out and 6 inches up, with a 43-degree neck and 14-over forks. “I wanted to see how the bike would ride that way, and it’s by far the best combination,” Ryan said.

The black and white “cop” paint scheme was done in-house, and the sheetmetal is molded into the frame.

Jesse Kiser

Mcquiston’s Chopper Designs LBC

Ryan’s shop is hidden in an alleyway in the Port of Los Angeles, surrounded by trucks, body shops, and metal recycling plants.

Jesse Kiser

The Cop Chop started out as a basket-case 1970 model FLH, taken in on trade for work at Ryan Mcquiston’s Chopper Designs LBC in Long Beach, California. The inside of the Shovel is mostly stock, but the outside features cool bits like a gold velocity stack nabbed off eBay, and custom-made gold pushrod collars.

Ryan says the frame’s rake and stretch, 14-inch-over forks and 41mm wide glide, create a smooth highway ride…except for the lack of rear suspension.

Jesse Kiser

80ci Shovelhead

The 80ci Shovelhead features an S&S Super E carb and is backed by a kick-only, ratchet-top four-speed.

Jesse Kiser

gold pushrod collars

The velocity stack and point cover are eBay finds, but the gold pushrod collars are custom built with Ryan’s shop logo.

Jesse Kiser

Ryan has been in business for more than eight years, building mostly choppers. Everything on this Shovel was done in-house, except for the bike’s upholstery and chrome. “It doesn’t leave the shop until it’s done,” Ryan said about his projects.

Cop Chop Shovelhead wheels

The wheels are both 60-spoke, measuring 21 inches tall in the front, with the 16-inch rear wheel wrapped in a tall M&H slick.

Jesse Kiser

belt drive with Competition clutch pack

The primary belt drive features a Competition clutch pack.

Jesse Kiser

The visual lines of the bike flow smoothly, from the arched single downtube to the hardtail rear. The gas tank, oil tank, and rear fender are all molded into the frame. You understand the nickname of “Cop Chop” once you spy the black and white paint scheme. “It’s basically just a chopper…my daily.”