Conely’s Gen 3 Retro T-Sport Bag Swap

Adding Conely's Accessories bags to our Harley-Davidson Street Bob

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Last month we installed a Super Glide-style rear fender from Conely’s Accessories USA on our project Street Bob. We then thought it would be the right time to add a set of Conely’s USA-made Gen 3 Retro T-Sport saddelbags to the mix. And so we did!

T-Sport Bag Install

Conely’s Gen 3 Retro T-Sport

Jeff G. Holt

These all-new American-made bags have seen much improvement over the past generations of Conely’s bags that were made overseas. And they are much easier to install than past editions. Here’s how we did it!

Here is the Conely’s fender on our Street Bob ready to get some excess baggage.

Jeff G. Holt

Conely’s Gen 3 Retro T-Sport bags

The new Conely’s Gen 3 Retro T-Sport bags waiting to be installed.

Jeff G. Holt

Detachable hardware for the Retro T-sport bags

Conely’s also makes some very nice detachable hardware for the Retro T-Sport bags. This means you can quickly take them on or off when needed.

Jeff G. Holt

Ready to mount

Once the detachable hardware was installed on our bike’s fender struts we were ready to mount the Gen 3 Retro T-Sport bags.

Jeff G. Holt

Lining up the inner bag plate mounting holes on the fender struts

The bags were slid in place until the inner bag plate mounting holes lined up with the attachment hardware on the fender struts.

Jeff G. Holt

Grade-8 hardware

The provided grade-8 hardware was then installed at four points, affixing the bags to the bike.

Jeff G. Holt

Conely’s bags vs OEM Harley-Davidson T-Sport bags

This image shows just how similar the Conely’s bags are to a set of OEM Harley-Davidson T-Sport bags. And they cost less and are a lot easier to find.

Jeff G. Holt

Gen 3 Retro T-Sport Bags

Gen 3 Retro T-Sport bags

Jeff G. Holt

Here’s the Gen 3 Retro T-Sport bags installed on our Street Bob and ready to get filled full of weird, wild, and wonderful items on a regular basis.


Conely’s Accessories USA