Cinci 2009 – Hot New Products

Night Series forward controls

GS Motor Co.
R56 Taillight/license mount

Custom Chrome
125ci RevTech engine

RayGun Technology
Extreme wear-resistant rotors

Dakota Digital
Sportster speedo/tach/odmoeter gauge

180mm Sporty frame

XR1200 pipes

Lyndall Racing Brakes
Three-piece composite rotors

Joker Machine
Sporty air cleaner for EFI models

Nu Image
Custom gauges

Gates Performance Engineering Inc.
Knucklehead style engine

Custom Cycle Control Systems
Air ride system for Touring models

Arlen Ness
Ribbed billet wheel

Cycle Kraft
Anodized slot air cleaner

W8less Rotors
Forged composite V-rod rotors

Swift Motorcycle Company
Sportster based speedway style production bike

Satsuma Cycle Works
Springer frontend

Briggs Made
Rocker Boards (shown with Cycle Smith footboards)

Chassis Design Company
39mm and 41mm narrow billet triple trees

Excel Components
Brushed aluminum forward controls

Rolling Thunder
Touring frame

Matt Risley Innovations
Electric center stand for Baggers

Hog Tunes
Dash Trim/Tweeter speaker Pod for FLH/X models

Flathead Power by S&S; Cycle
Limited edition production bike

Old Skool Cycle Works
FatBack body kit

Unfortunately due to our wacky production schedule, this article may not seem as timely as it really is, but believe me when I tell you this is absolutely the soonest we could get this article into the magazine-it’s been less than a week since we got back from the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio. For those of you who might not know, “Cinci” as it’s commonly referred to in the industry is the one time a year when all the manufacturers, dealers, and distributors head out into the cold to show off their new widgets and gadgets to the V-Twin industry.

This is where we get a lot of our tech ideas and plan product evaluations for the upcoming year. So while you may be thinking to yourself, “New products? Tech ideas for the year? But it’s already April?” As I write this it is actually February 12, 2009. So don’t worry, we are on the ball with this stuff. Here’s a quick look at just some of the things that caught our attention. Let us know what you think. [email protected]

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