Chop Works’ Frisco Trap Chopper

La Trappola Shovel 1200

In Italian biker jargon, a “trap” is a motorbike that is somewhat dangerous to ride, due to its complexity in being ridden. Only crazy bikers dare ride these monsters!

This Frisco-style Shovelhead takes us back to the late 1960s.

Andrea Mazzon

One day my customer asked me, “How can I make a trap bike with his FX Shovelhead?” My answer was, “Remember when sex was safe and choppers were dangerous? When cruising on an outlaw motorbike was a way to escape reality?” This spirit lives on in the Chop Works garage, where we continue to try and escape the future.

With this 1976 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead, we took ourselves back to California in the late ’60s. We’re not in San Francisco here, but Turin, yet we wanted to have the look of super-narrow pullback bars but still be super strong. Next, I had to figure out how I was going to use the Edlund framework with an FX 4-inch-over front end. I fabricated a sissy bar with three brake lights built in from an old Italian car, added a king and queen seat, both of which were perfect pieces needed for creating and riding a Frisco-style chopper. Once it all came together, I stood back and admired the work. I think I totally nailed my client’s request!

When building this we wanted to have the look of super-narrow pullback bars, but still have it be super strong.

Andrea Mazzon

After two kicks to the kick-only starter, the fun began. Surprisingly, it rode pretty easily. I cracked open the throttle on the frontage road to Turin and took off over the bridge that leads into town where I found the closest scenery I could to the Bay Area. As I approached, I passed some cars, stomped on the suicide clutch, shifted gears, and was now riding this trap chopper like it was child’s play.

Frankino Chop Works fabricated the sissy bar with three brake lights built in from an old Italian car.

Andrea Mazzon

Waiting at a traffic light, I realized the endless line of caged drivers were staring at me as if I were some ultra-intricate contraption from hell. I looked behind to see how many cars I had overtaken and thought to myself, “Yep! This is definitely a trap, but I’m happy to feel free on this trap!”

There’s no denying the trap chopper turns heads.

Andrea Mazzon

Owner Alessandro Masci
Shop Frankino/Chop Works
Year/Make/Model 1976/Harley-Davidson/FX
Fabrication Frankino/Chop Works
Build Time 5 months
Year/Type/Size 1976/H-D/1200cc
Builder H-D
Cases H-D
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Rocker Boxes H-D
Cams H-D
Carburetor S&S Super E
Air Cleaner Customs
Exhaust Chop Works
Year/Type 1976/H-D
Gears 4-speed
Clutch H-D
Primary Drive 1-1/2 in. Primo
Type Modified Edlund rigid
Rake/Stretch 33°/Stock
Front End Frankino/Chop Works-modified FX
Length 4 in. over
Triple Trees H-D
Swingarm Rigid
Rear Shocks Rigid
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size H-D/3 x 21
Tire/Size 3 x 21
Drum Mini
Builder/Size H-D/4 x 18
Tire/Size 4 x 18
Drum H-D
Colors Blue and Black Pearl
Paint/Graphics Custom Design Roberto La Rogna
Molding Custom Design Roberto La Rogna
Rear Fender British style
Gas Tank Modified peanut Wassel Chop Works
Oil Tank H-D
Handlebars Chop Works
Headlight Hella
Taillight 3-cup auto
Sissy Bar Chop Works
Seat King and Queen Chop Works/Sellerie Viano