CamOneTec Infinity Video Camera | Used and Abused

Let’s face it. It’s a digital world and there isn’t anyplace safe from the ever-recording digital eyeball. High-defnition video used to be ultimate in technology and reserved for only the biggest and most expensive cameras. But lately technology has made them smaller and drastically more affordable. Mini DV cameras are all the rage these days and are capturing real life for not a lot of money. CameOneTec put it’s spin on mini DV with the release of the Infinity digital recorder. At about 1 inch thick and 2 inches wide, it’s small. It’s so small it can be used in some of the most creative places. We strapped the Infnity to the handlebars using the mount supplied with the kit. We were able to operate the camera easily, even from behind gloved fngers. There is nothing worse than recording hours of useless footage because the camera wasn’t placed in the right place. What separates this camera from the crowd is the built-in LCD screen that let us see exactly what we are shooting instead of guessing.The video we recorded was decent overall and defnitely web-worthy, and the camera lasted about 1-1/2 hours at full resolution. Had we toned down the quality, I think we could have increased the battery life. At only $299 the Infnity is a bargain for the budding videographer. –JCZ