Buyer’s Guide – Parts, Accessories, & Other Cool Stuff Part. 2

Hot Bike - Buyer's Guide

Eurocomponents Super-Smooth Billet Forward Controls $997.99* Fits all frames that accept Softail foot controls* Kit includes billet shifter rod and banjo fitting* Available with dual master cylinder (with brake master cylinder and hydraulic clutch master cylinder) for foot-operated hydraulic clutchFor more information, contact Eurocomponents, Inc. at (386) 274-5729 or visit

Carolina Custom Oil Tanks $395* Available in a raw finish with a center filler hole* Utilizes a standard Softail rear-mounting bracket* Tanks come ready for installation with all the necessary hardware includedFor more information, contact Carolina Custom (704) 592-2355 or visit

Jammer Retro “Drilled”Brass Taillight $195.95* Features a brass housing instead of the original billet housing* The taillight is 12-volt, dual filament with license plate illumination and an integral mounting/license plate bracket* Measures 2-3/4-inches wide x 1-1/4-inches deepFor more information, contact Jammer Cycle Products at (800) 597-6467 or visit

Custom Dynamics new SidewinderzLED accent from $10.00 to $60.00* Lights are flexible LED accent lights, pre-taped on all three sides.* Light can be mounted either back or a side of surface* Exceptionally bright, smooth lighting pattern, have 3 to 36-inch wire leads* Completely waterproof, and are backed with a lifetime warrantyFor more information, contact Custom Dynamics, at (800) 382-1388 or visit

PSI Big Air Carburetors ToMC Advantages Product Line $1,099.99-$1,199.99* Three fuel adjustments that can easily be made with the bike running and without dismantling the entire carb and air cleaner setup* The pilot, needle, and main adjustment knobs all have easy access and can be adjusted with the fingertips* Come in polished, chrome or black, and are available for 74- to 100-inch, 103- to 117-inch, and 124- to 155-inch engines with an S&S; Super G intake manifold For more information, contact MC Advantages at (800) 726-9620,or visit

R&R; Cycles Stage II Kits start at $2,375.00* Rework your stock cylinders and CNC-port your heads* New pistons, cams, carburetor, adjustable pushrods, cam bearing, and all the necessary gaskets and hardware* Also included a new ignition (or Power Commander)For more information, contact R&R; Cycles at (603) 645-1488 or at

Marlin’s Handlebar Clocks and Thermometers Start at $69.95* Fully adjustable, triple chrome-plated handlebar mounted clocks and thermometers that can fit any handlebar * Faces include brushed aluminum, horseshoe black and silver, traditional black and radiant white with matching Fahrenheit thermometers for all; Celsius available in white and black faceFor more information, contact Marlin Corporation at (800) 777-5543, or visit

ChromeFusion Engraving* ChromeFusion is a trademarked name for combining engraving, plating, and painting* This design creates three-dimension finish* All engraving is done by hand using ancient methods and techniquesFor more information, and pricing contact Chromefusion at (702) 220-7571 or visit

Python 2-Into-1 Exhaust SystemDyna models $477.95* Features a hefty 2-1/8-inch, 220 degree full-coverage headpipe heat shields * A one-piece collector heat shield. * 3-1/2-inch muffler comes with a custom scalloped, slash-cut end tip. For more information, contact your local Drag Specialties dealer or visit

Lick’s Cycles Goodson Breathers $199.00* Patented cast-aluminum backing plate and Unifilter provide excellent filtration and performance* Offered in many styles to fit 22 carburetor and FI applications* Measures 6-1/2×3-1/2 inches, and can be ordered with a red or black Unifilter low-restriction elementFor more information on breather styles and specific applications, contact Lick’s Cycles at(888) 522-8191, or visit

S&S; Gear DriveCamshafts* For ’99 to ’07 models, extract power from your Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88, Twin Cam 88B or Twin Cam 96 or Twin Cam 96B models* Camshafts improve valve timing accuracy, eliminate timing chain lash, require no plastic tensioner, and add two to three horsepower back by eliminating chain drag* This design offers additional clearance, allowing for much higher lifts and durationsFor more information and pricing, contact S&S; Cycle at (608) 627-1497, or visit

RMD Aftermarket Parts ForBig Dog Motorcycles * Three-inch open beltdrive features a Bandit clutch, hidden jackshaft, and ring gear system* Available for the ’05 and newer Big Dog models, this belt drive also fits the pre-’05 Big Dog models* Ready-for-install system includes billet pulley covers, center plate, and an inner primary spacer as well as a full pulley/clutchFor more information and pricing, contact RMD Billet at (507) 348-8877, or visit

Indian Larry Dished Tanks $299.00* Old School looks with modern production techniques* Tanks come in 3- and 3.5-gallon sizes* Use late-model 22mm fuel valves* Easy mounting by drilling of the backbone of any stock and custom frames.For more information, contact Custom Chrome at (800) 358-5700 or visit

The Phantom Oil Filter For $229.95* Designed for horseshoe style tanks, but adapts easily to fit a variety of applications* Consists of a bolt in or weld-in, mounting flange (both are included) and screw-in filtration assembly* Caps are fit with a barbed, oil return line fitting at the side for unobstructed seat clearanceFor more information, contact Doherty Machine at (800) 956-9409 or visit