Busted! – My Two Cents

Not long ago I was cited with what I think to be a total BS ticket. I was traveling in the carpool lane on the freeway and some debris jumped out in front of my bike. I tried to miss it, but it was too late. “Thunk!” went the bike as I plowed over the item at 65 mph. After that, the bike felt a little off. Because I’d much rather be safe then say, die because the tires had been flattened or the debris got caught in the belt, etc., I felt the need to pull off the highway. However, I was barricaded by two yellow stripes. This “invisible wall” was going to be the difference if I lived or died? Not today. “There’s no traffic behind me, I can make a safe exit from the freeway,” I thought to myself. So I did, and exited the first off-ramp and pulled into a gas station to check the damage. Ten seconds later a policeman pulled up behind me and while dismounting his bike, told me that I had violated the law. I tried to plead my case, but he wouldn’t listen.

I obey the law for the most part. I don’t excessively speed, but if traffic is doing 10 miles more than the limit, then I do the same to maintain the flow. If I’m stuck at a red light for a while, and I see it’s safe to proceed, I will. I’m assuming traffic laws were put in place to keep everyone safe, but I’m more convinced that meeting quotas and making money for the different government branches is the motive. And my city, county, and state are up shit’s creek when it comes to their balance sheets.

I’m passionate about standing up for things I believe in. This citation was not morally warranted in my opinion. I guess from the black-and-white perspective it was warranted, but wrap your head around this instance. It sucks, and there’s nothing I can do. I’m helpless. But, I’ll take my complaints to court, wait around for an entire day, and be told by the judge that I’m a moron in so many words in hopes of at least a reduced fine if not a full dismissal. Most likely I’ll be out $500. I’ll keep you posted.

Bye for now…