Buell Performance Kit – More Than A Muffler

Bolt-On Performance

Here is the Pro-Series XB Racing kit, muffler, ECM, and high flow air filter.

This is the bike with the stock muffler.

Klassert rolled the Buell onto the Dyno and tied it down.

Klassert rolled the Buell onto the lift and started by removing the fake gas tank cover, air box, and old filter.

After the first Dyno run, the numbers for our XB12S with the stock exhaust setup were 89 hp and 73 lb-ft of torque.

On the Buell, you do not have access to the spark plug wires, so he used the ignition wire under the seat to get a signal for the Dyno.

To get as much air to the bike as possible, the air filter was replaced with a high-flow filter. Up top is the new filter.

Inside the air ram is a rubber snorkel that was also removed to open the airflow.

The new filter was installed and the air box was bolted back on.

Next, the old ECM was removed from the bike and replaced with the new XB Racing ECM.

Klassert had to remove the chin spoiler the get to the front mounting strap for the muffler.

Before he could get to the rear two straps, the belt tensioner needed to be removed. He could then get to the two strap bolts.

After all the mounting straps were unbolted, the Torca clamp was loosened; the throttle position cable that operated the butterfly in the old muffler was removed.

Here is the old muffler compared to the new XB exhaust. The new one is lighter, shorter, has dual outlets, and is coated in polished silver ceramic.

Klassert placed the new muffler on the bike and tightened the straps. He also used high-heat silicon on the Torca clamp and tightened to 40 lb-ft. He then bolted the chin spoiler back on the Buell.

The new muffler doesn’t have a throttle butterfly, so the cable that mounts to the muffler and the module was removed from the air box.

With everything in place, Klassert re-calibrated the throttle position sensor (TPS) for the new ECM. He then took the bike back over to the Dyno.

Walk up to any bike rider out there and he will say the same thing: stock is not what he wants. When it comes to sport bikes, to have the edge you need to be competitive and every little thing counts. This can start with weight — for example, replacing metal body panels with carbon fiber parts or adding more power. Well, the R&D; team at Buell has come up with a way to give you the edge with the Pro-Series Race kit. This kit is nicknamed Performance In A Box with a throaty-sounding muffler, a high-flow air filter, and a programmable ECM. All of these parts are designed to work together to achieve the best possible performance from your Buell. We called up our local Buell dealer, Orange County Harley-Davidson in Irvine, California, where Service Manager Richard Hodges told us about the kit and what to expect. Camron Klassert was then handed the job of installing the kit on the bike and doing a before-and-after Dyno run on it.