Brukus Fender Security Screw

No More Concerns about Stolen Seats with Harley Fender Security Screw

Mount Pleasant, SC - Brukus Motorcycle Parts, LLC has just added to their list of unique security products with a simple, yet effective, Fender Security Screw for Harley-Davidson Touring models from 1996 and later. This Fender Security Screw adds protection by insuring that your expensive seat or luggage rack is still on the bike when you return.

The idea started when a customer emailed and asked if Brukus could make a product to secure his custom-made seat to his Harley. He didn’t want to carry his $500 seat around with him to make sure it wasn’t stolen and he requested the device use the same tool as the SaddlebagSecure™ for convenience.

Brukus answered the request by designing a tamper-proof polished stainless steel security screw that works with the same special tool / key as the SaddlebagSecure. This custom screw is a snap to install like Brukus’ other products.

Here are some customer comments:

  • Got my Fender Security Screw and it works great! Thanks! You guys ROCK!

  • Living in Miami and knowing how crime is, a concern I have always had with my Harley is that the seat was held in place with a regular phillips head screw. I received my Fender Security Screw from Brukus and I installed it in literally 15 seconds. Not only does it look a lot better than the original screw, but now I don’t have to worry. I would rate it AAAA+++. This is another must have for any Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycle.

  • Just had a friend have his Mustang seat stolen from a hotel parking lot. He rode home sitting on his folded up jacket. I’m ordering your Fender Security Screw because I don’t plan on that happening to me.

This polished stainless Fender Security Screw comes complete with 2 different washers in the package to use as needed. It’s amazing how something so simple can give such peace. The tool is purchased separately or as a package if needed, and there is also a package price for the SaddlebagSecure™ and Fender Security Screw combination. MSRP for Fender Security Screw only: $8.95

For more information on this and other innovative products from Brukus Motorcycle Parts, LLC, please visit them online at You can also email Brukus at [email protected] or they would love to speak to you by phone at 843-822-6582.