Bright And White


Skill Level Low

LED Lighting by Küryakyn

Riding at night is always a sketchy affair. If you live in the city, there are always drunks and texting soccer moms willing to take your life. If you live out in the country, it’s not that safe either. Remember, there’s also a myriad of jaywalking flora and fauna challenging your existence as well. Yes it sounds like the world is after us riders, and sometimes I think that is true.

Since nobody is going to keep us off of our bikes no matter where the sun is, the best course of action we have found is getting brighter lighting so a rider can both see and be seen. Currently the best of the best in lighting these day is LED headlamps. New LED headlamps create a light far more advanced than halogen lamps. Yes they are brighter and pull less of a draw on the bike’s charging system, but LED lights also have color temperature of 5,800 K, that’s close to the color of daylight providing better visibility. Plus when drivers see such bright and white LEDs coming toward them, day or night it gets us riders noticed immediately.

We outfitted our 2006 Harley-Davidson Road King with Küryakyn’s Phase 7 headlight ($299) and a pair of 4-1/2-inch passing lamps ($349) to make the night into day. It took one Phillips screwdriver and less than a half hour to be living the bright life and loving both the safety and increased visibility of Küryakyn’s LED lighting.