Biltwell El Fuerte Helmet | Used And Abused

The boys at Biltwell are single-handedly responsible for bringing the 3/4 metalflake helmet back to the masses. However the first generation of its beautiful helmets were non-DOT lids and sorry to say, that didn’t sit well with some law-abiding folks. To help those types of people, Biltwell came out with a DOT version a few years ago, but it was too big and made most riders look like Fred Flintstone’s buddy the Great Gazoo when wearing it. Now after a ton of time in the design lab, Biltwell has come out with a fully-DOT compliant helmet dubbed El Fuerte that fits low and doesn’t look like you are taking the short bus while dawning it. These helmets come in sizes from X-small to XX-large, and just like the Biltwell novelty helmet, the El Fuerte is available in a myriad of both solid and heavy metal bass boat flake, so you can match your machine and/or exercise your personal freedom in a number of ways. On a more serious tip, I have been interchanging between the old novelty helmet and the new DOT El Fuerte to find the real differences. After many miles swapping from lid to lid, I have found the El Fuerte to only be slightly heavier and a touch taller than the non-DOT model, so I think I’ll be switching to the legal beagle over the old illegal dog full time. -JGH