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Wild Hogs, Really?

A funny thing happened this weekend while I was at the Chop Meet in Wright Wood Ca. A funny thing happened this weekend while I was at the Chop Meet in Wright Wood CA. I went to go get something to drink, and the line for water and softdrinks was the same line to get food so it was really long and slow. So I figured what the heck I’ll get a beer (the line was much shorter). I’m standing in line waiting and this guy walks up to the side of me. Now this was one of those guys you can spot from 100 yards away as already having too much to drink. As soon as he gets next to me he mumbles out “A Watch! Who the F- wears a watch at a bike event!” Let me just say this, since I could tell time I’ve been wearing watches. I’m not really a collector of anything except shot glasses and watches. For me, leaving the house without a watch is like walking out the door with no pants on (yeah I’ve been know to do it once or twice but not intentionally). I always like to know what time it is, so yeah I’m gonna wear a watch at a bike event. Sorry I haven’t read my latest copy of “Biker Attire Monthly.” Anyways, so I just ignore the guy (I know from my own experience, you’ll never win an argument with a drunk) and about thirty seconds of silence goes by then he sputters out “Wild Hogs!” Now at this point he’s really got my attention, casue I’m trying to figure out where he’s going with this reference. But I continue to ignore him and he shout out “Wild Hogs! Wild Hogs!” I now realize he’s not going to shut up until I acknowledge him so I look at him with a my best (yes I’m very interested in what you are saying, look) and he says “Wild Hogs, you know it?” And I give him a puzzled look and say ‘Wild Hogs? Is that some kind of gang or something?’ (yes in knew he was talking about the Disney movie, but…) The guy then says “no you know the Disney Movie, Wild Hogs with John Travolta.” So I so said, “Oh yeah ok. Now I know what you’re talking about.” After about another 30 second pause of awkward silence he mumbles something about a line a the end of the movie where the Wild Hogs run into Peter Fonda and Peter makes a comment to the Wild Hogs about real bikers not wearing watches or something to that affect. Upon hearing this I kind of chuckled to myself as I realized what has just transpired. Basically this guy was trying to bust my balls for wearing a watch, which he learned from watching a Disney “biker” movie is a big no no. I responded by saying “Disney huh? You watch a lot of Disney movies? And do you get all your “biker” references from Disney?” And to that he replied with some unintelligible mumbling and the conversation was over.