Bike Check With Speed-Kings Cycle’s Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna

A daily rider that is show and go

Steve Edgar, owner of Speed-Kings Cycle Supply, started his business out of in his Orange County, California, garage by making and selling small parts and accessories for Haley-Davidsons. In a few short years his passion grew into an industry-leading online shop for high-performance Harley-Davidson goodies.

The custom Dyna of Speed-Kings Cycle owner Steve Edgar.

Ed Subias

Doing what his business does, Steve has seen more than his fair share of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to outfitting a bike. And we’ve seen what that means on his own bike. He rips his personal Super Glide Dyna all over California and we were intrigued by its paint and lineup of parts.

Top: Killer paint work by Joel England.
Bottom: More of the eye-catching paint.

Ed Subias

So we wrangled him away from the phone and his shop for a few minutes to get the lowdown on his beauty of a machine that is also his daily rider. Be assured that everything on his bike works and works well, or else he wouldn’t have it bolted onto his personal ride or sell it to customers.

Steve’s ride is a show bike and his daily rider.

Ed Subias

Speed-Kings Cycle Supply offers just about everything you need for your Harley and your body. The Speed-Kings folks can be seen slinging goods all over California at all sorts of events and rides. Check them out at