Bike Bumper™ Motorcycle Fairing Protectors

The Bike Bumper™ Fairing Protector for stock Harley fairings is the ultimate in protection for all Batwing Fairings, Road Glide Fairings and Touring Fenders. Never again will you have to worry about an unprotected fairing or fender while hauling or storing your valuable investment. The Bike Bumper Fairing Protector covers the entire outer fairing with heavy canvas material and adds extra thick neoprene padding at the outer edges where the fairing is most vulnerable to damage. Secure hold-down straps attach the Bike Bumper to the motorcycle and prevent shifting or flapping of the cover. Whether hauling in a closed trailer, open trailer or just storing in the off season, you will never have to worry about your fairing being damaged. Considering the cost and complexity of fairing based motorcycles, the Bike Bumper will give you peace of mind knowing your fairing is always protected. Part No.: (Batwing 4405-0170) (Road Glide 4405-0171) (Touring Fender 4405-0172) Retail Price: $29.95-$64.95 Cycle Sounds, LLC 1(866)427-2346