Better living with Harbor Freight

Making more space in the garage.


Photo: Jeff G. Holt

Trust me. I know I am no different than you when it comes to a cluttered garage. I have books, bikes, kid’s toys, musical instruments, and all sorts of other crap jam-packed into my space impeding my ability to work on and maintain my motorcycles.

Forget the Do-It-Yourself Channel and PODS storage; just set aside an amount of money you would normally buy chrome or leather with and truck on down to the local Harbor Freight like we did and get yourself some storage and work solutions to turn your mess into a working man’s motorcycle Nirvana.

We spent right under $1,000 on rehabbing our garage space by buying a real nice rollaway for much-needed expanded tool storage, some cleaning supplies, a few specialty tools, and even a quality bike lift to boot. Talk about deals to maintain your wheels.

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hot bike garage

…and after.

Photo: Jeff G. Holt