Bel-Ray Total Performance Lubricants for V-Twin Motorcycles

Bel-Ray has a whole line of oils and lubricants specific to the needs of V-Twin motorcycles. Bel-Ray has been in the motorcycle lubricant business for 40 years and has been manufacturing lubricants for the extreme needs of the mining industry since the 1960’s. With a background like that you know they produce oils and lubricants with the highest level of performance and protection.

Big Twin Transmission Oil

Big Twin Transmission Oil is a multi-grade 4-stroke V-Twin transmission oil formulated for sliding contacts of gears in heavily loaded 4-stroke transmissions. It provides superior anti-wear, smooth shifting and reduces gear noise.

V-Twin Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil 20W-50

V-Twin Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil 20W-50 is a synthetic blend, multi-grade V-Twin motorcycle oil formulated to meet the specific demands of large displacement V-Twin engines. It combines the benefits of fully-synthetic oils with the lower cost of petroleum oils.

Primary Chaincase Lubricant

Primary Chaincase Lubricant is premiumy motorcycle oil specially formulated for the primary chaincase of all big twin motorcycles. Ideally suited to stand up to high pressures, its exclusive Bel-Ray antiwear chemistry ensures long service life for the primary chain. Superior oxidation protection for extended performance, and prevents clutch slipping and chatter for consistent engagement. Distinctive red color makes it easier to detect leaks in multiple lubrication cavity engines.

Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube

Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube is a high-performance, fully synthetic chain lube for all powersports chain applications. Developed with input from professional racing teams, Blue Tac Chain Lube offers an extremely tacky formula that will not fling off when used as directed.

Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner

Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner is formulated to clean the most stubborn dirt and grime from motorcycle chains. This product is safe on all o-ring materials and is designed to clean the dirtiest chains. With Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner’s high powered solvent and high pressure combination, cleaning any chain is quick and easy. No residue is left behind after use, so fresh chain lubricant can be applied directly after using Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner.

Bel-Ray Contact Cleaner

Bel-Ray Contact Cleaner is specially formulated for superior cleaning without leaving an oily residue behind. The unique formulation in a convenient aerosol spray, penetrates, dissolves and disperses long standing build-ups of grease, grime, sludge, varnish and carbon deposits for fast and easy cleaning of difficult to reach parts.

Silicone Detailer & Protectant Spray

Silicone Detailer & Protectant Spray is a premium product specially formulated to provide a spectacular finish to all plastic and metal surfaces. This product is designed to resist the attraction of dust and dirt on the surface of parts treated with Silicone Detailer & Protectant Spray. It is formulated with inert chemicals that will not react with paint, metals or plastics but still binds well to surfaces. Silicone Detailer & Protectant Spray will tenaciously hold onto surfaces without running off. The coating is easily removed after use and will not persist on surfaces after being properly washed off.

Bel-Ray Bike Wash

Bel-Ray Bike Wash is an advanced, biodegradable micro-emulsion cleaner concentrate specifically formulated for the motorcycle enthusiast. Bel-Ray Bike Wash is hard on dirt and grime, while safe for use on painted, fiberglass, rubber and plastic surfaces as well as on chrome, aluminum and other alloy wheels. Bel-Ray Bike Wash is formulated with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind. However, this product works exceptionally well on many other such vehicle and motor surfaces.

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