BDL’s Non CVO Hydraulic Clutch Upgrade

The BDL clutch aims at touring performance

bdl rpp clutch

BDL’s latest clutch player for your non-CVO H-D.

Courtesy of BDL

BDL’s “BPP-500HYD” clutch kit is just the ticket for riders looking for the optimum in touring clutch performance. The tried and proven system is designed specifically for late touring models with Harley-Davidson’s hydraulic clutch (non CVO models). The Patented Ball Bearing lock up design features 45 – 5/16″ steel ball bearings. While the BPP-500HYD is designed to work with the stock spring, retainer and bolts, each kit includes an optional .240″ thick HIGH PERFORMANCE diaphragm spring which is 30% thicker and stronger than the stock HD diaphragm. This is a significant upgrade that is sure to benefit riders of these late model touring machines. Suggested retail for the BPP-500HYD is $238.50. Available from Belt Drives Limited dealers worldwide. Catch more at

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