TECH: Barnett Harley-Davidson Sportster Clutch Install

An Ultimate Upgrade

Barnett Scorpion clutch (part #607-30-10084). This kit fits fits the 1986–1990 four-speed Evo Sportster.

Here’s a shot of our early Evo Sportster awaiting a brand-new clutch.

Chris begins by removing the clutch cable and stock primary cover off of the left-hand side of the bike.

We then Remove clutch adjuster access plug, O-ring, clutch spring, and lock-plate from primary cover and loosen the old beaten and battered clutch basket from the main shaft of the transmission.

The worn-out old clutch plates are removed and chucked into the trash.

The stock clutch assembly is removed. The hub is then separated from the clutch basket with a hydraulic press.

The Stock clutch basket is reinstalled and the new Barnett clutch hub bolted into place.

A set of six scorpion springs (say that five times fast) are installed onto the new Barnett clutch hub.

The new Scorpion clutch place is then soaked in primary oil for 10 minutes before installing them into the clutch basket. This gets them properly lubed up.

Chris then reinstalls the OEM pressure plate snap ring to keep the clutch plate from wandering.

The primary chain tensioner is reinstalled and torqued to factory specifications.

All of the clutch hardware is tightened and then torqued as per Barnett’s and H-D specs.

Chris reinstalls the stock clutch adjustment screw and checked for proper fit.

Barnett also sent us a brand-new clutch cable to make this upgrade as smooth as possible.

The cable is loosely installed into the primary cover and to the clutch lever.

The primary cover is reinstalled on the bike with a new gasket and torqued to factory specs.

The Clutch is then tightened to factory specs and adjusted until perfection is achieved.

And here it is: a ton of better takeoffs and shifting for many miles ahead. And all of it is now hidden behind that sporty aluminum primary cover. Thanks, Barnett!

For years we have been upgrading the clutches on our “early Evo” Sportsters with what we thought were good results. That was until we got our grubby paws on a Barnett Scorpion Clutch. Now we know what power and modulation feels like.
We went with Barnett Scorpion clutch (part #607-30-10084). This kit fits fits the 1986–1990 four-speed Evo Sportster. These clutch assemblies come complete with a billet-aluminum pressure plate, steel inner hub, and specially formulated clutch plates that both increase the surface area and capacity of the clutch. Barnett’s Scorpion clutch also utilizes six coil springs for a smoother and more controllable linear engagement than the competition. Extra spring sets of various tensions are also included, allowing a person to tune the clutch to just what suits you your setup best. The Scorpion clutch can also be run wet or dry in an open or enclosed primary.

We took our bike to Chris Richardson of LA Speed Shop, and he slapped this anodized orange wonder into our bike. Since then we have peeled off a few thousand miles and have found the Scorpion clutch to be a top choice for either stock or modified Sportsters. And we think you will as well. Here’s how we did it.


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