Ballistic Back-Pack Charger/Jump-Starter

Charging your toys on the road

ballistic battery charger usb charger

Ballistic’s little power pack.

Hot Bike Staff

Just like smartphones and digital cameras, motorcycles are battery-operated toys. And sometimes the juice gets low and it kills the fun time. Well, the fine folks at Ballistic Performance have got what you need: the Ballistic Back-Pack. This amazing unit is small and weighs next to nothing. The Ballistic Back-Pack fits in your pocket or saddlebag and allows you to charge USB devices—such as phones and cameras—on the go. The Back-Pack has the ability to jump-start your bike in a pinch so you will never be stranded. Despite its diminutive size, the Back-Pack is incredibly powerful with 8,000 mAh of capacity for its 5-volt USB outlet and a 12-volt jump-start burst of up to 400 amps. Talk about a lifesaver.

$129 //