BAKER Drivetrain Launches New Website!


At BAKER we’re really proud of our technical prowess. We will get buried in discussions of gear ratios, proper tooth angles, and technical applications whenever we can. However, for years the BAKER Drivetrain website has been lacking some of the real meat and potatoes kind of technical information that the real gearheads are craving. So we took the last year, assembled a team of the strongest technical and artistic minds in our company, and built an all new website that we’re positive will satisfy that hunger.

Our goal with the new site was for it to be easier to use for our customers and dealers, have the best, juiciest kinds of pictures and diagrams that show off the technical side of our product lines, and most of all: be chocked full of the information that everyone has been clamoring for.

We chose to divide the product lines up based on the same kind of categorizing we used in our most recent series of catalogs: by application type. From those drop down menus you can find product- specific pages that go into vast detail, with supporting imagery, about each innovation we make. Extensive technical details on each page will layout everything from gear ratios of each product, to the kind of metal we make it from, to choices of case finish, and even suggested product upgrades. Each product page includes

  • Application pictures showing the product in use on a variety of bikes types
  • Gearing information and options so you can build a tranny to match your riding style
  • Finish choices so you can customize the look of your transmission
  • Warranty information to show the kind of unmatched support that BAKER offers.
  • Installation instructions so you can see how easy it goes together before you even buy your BAKER
  • Detailed CAD images showing everything from power flow to gear sequences and even vibrant cutaway
    illustrations showing the inner workings of our product lines
  • Direct link buttons to our online store

To add to the site, we’ve included easy to find contact information, direct mail links, helpful downloads, BAKER history, a staff page where you can put a face with the name on the phone, and even a state-of-the-art dealer locator where you can not only find the nearest Baker Dealer but map yourself straight to their door with turn-by-turn directions. We also have a Live Chat feature where you can ring our doorbell and ask one of our techs in real time any Drivetrain questions you may have.

We didn’t leave a stone unturned with this new site. So send the wife to the mall, grab your favorite lotion and box of tissue and spend a few hours online with BAKER…