BAKER Calendar Girl Model Search is On!


Each year the BAKER Calendar is a highly collected piece for most guys’ garages, jail cells and bathroom walls. We carefully

pick a bike each year that features our brand new product of the year, and then hand select a young lady to adorn the bike.

This year our bike is being built in house by Chad – one of our Engineering Crew and it’s already looking killer! It’s going to

be a tank-shift Panhead, with some really cool new BAKER innovations – shhh!

This year we are in the process of interviewing models and thought we’d open the doors to all the public. We are welcoming portfolios from professional and amateur models alike. If you would like to see some of our past calendars, to get a flavor

of what we’re doing – check it out!

If you or someone you know would like to submit, there are a few ways. You can mail a portfolio or digital portfolio on CD to:

BAKER Model Search
9804 E.Saginaw
Haslett, MI 48840

or email the images to:
[email protected]

All entries must be received by November 15th, 2010. All entries must include the following kinds of poses:
- full body shots (you can be clothed – we keep things classy around here!)
- profile head shot
- forward facing head shot

All entries must include answers to the following questions:
1. Are you willing to travel to Michigan during December or January, and where are you coming from?
2. Clothing size, including bra, and shoes.
3. Why you think we should choose you!
4. Any previous modeling experience?

Direct questions to: Trish: Marketing Director: [email protected]