Bagger Mania | Reader’s Rides

A Fantastic Four of customized H-D touring bikes

The beauty of reader’s bikes is that they inspire all of us to work on our own by seeing what others have done on their own. This week we’ve got four bagger machines for you to check out. Enjoy!

Blue Label

Submitted by Aaron Gross

Aaron Gross is a fan of the finer things in life. Hence the fact he titled his bike Blue Label, the finest of the four Johnnie Walker single-malted scotches on the market. He turned his 2007 Harley Road King Police edition into something a Blue Label scotch drinker would ride: a svelte custom oozing opulent tastes. From the 26-inch SMT Machining Silencer contrasting wheel to the other fine accouterments from Klock Werks, Sinister, Kuryakyn, and more, nice work, Aaron. We might be calling you for a feature in the near future.

Florida-Born Bagger

Submitted by Abe Dorta

Abe Dorta hails from Deltona, Florida, and his chrome yellow Road Glide Custom is definitely a cool custom worthy of this section. Ever heard of Kuryakyn? Let’s just say that Abe digs what they’re doing, and his bike is testament to that. He also is a huge fan of chrome. Everything. Can’t say we blame you, Abe. Chrome is definitely a timeless finish. Abe made a ton of other mods to the bike, and he enjoys riding in the warm Florida sun.


Courtesy of Albert Mata

Albert is one of those guys who sends in one of the coolest bikes to us with zero information about it. Come on, Albert Mata! Why do you do this to us? We’ve lost sleep, we can’t write, normal brain activity has ceased to function, all because you won’t give up the goods about your Road King. Well, we felt it necessary to show it anyway. We’ll let it slide this time. But don’t make a habit of it! Oh, and you’re welcome, Albert. Nice bike.

Well-Deserved Reward

Submitted by Larry Langeway

Larry Langeway from Plymouth, Connecticut, built his custom Street Glide in hopes of making the Readers’ Rides. Well, Larry, we can honestly say that the pleasure is ours. You see, Larry bought this bike as a reward for 20 years of hard work. That includes paying off the mortgage, all while his wife stayed home to raise the kids. The bike stayed stock for a while until some generous friends took it down to the frame and built Larry’s current dream machine. He rides his Glide all over the place and will never forget how hard he worked to achieve the bike of his dreams. Only took him 20 years, but as they say, good things come to those who wait.