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Arlen Ness
(925) 479-6300

Arlen Ness Micro Mirrors are one of the smallest and most stylish mirrors on the market. Die-cast construction sports a powdercoated black finish for a sleek and unique look. All five styles feature convex glass. Hardware for Harley-Davidson and cruiser models is included.

Clutch Power
S&S; Cycle
(608) 627-2080

With more friction area, as well as a larger centerline diameter, the new S&S; clutch is able to handle over 150 horsepower with clutch lever effort that is slightly less than that of a stock Harley-Davidson clutch. For competition applications, a stronger pressure plate spring is available that will increase the power handling capacity to over 200 horsepower. The S&S; high-performance clutch fits ’91-’05 models and features an early style 66-tooth ring gear.

German Clutch
Drag Specialties

The original Mller Power Clutch replaces both OEM inner and outer ramp assemblies. Once installed, it allows for as much as 40-percent easier clutch lever operation. The clutch is easy to install. No spacers are needed and no drilling is required.

Quality and Style
Chica Custom Cycles
(714) 842-9587

Chica Custom Cycles’ 5- and 6-inch ribbed fenders are made of quality-heavy gauge steel and are designed for custom application. They are assembled right in the Chica Custom’s Huntington Beach, California, location, ensuring the quality and custom style Chica has built his name on.

Universal Design
Chubby’s Choppers LLC
(517) 272-7920

Chubby’s Choppers LLC sells and installs affordable 300mm wide tire right-side drive conversion kits for Harley-Davidson Softails. The Chubby’s Choppers’ swingarm features a universal design that is compatible with any 18×10.5-inch wheel and right-side drive exhaust system. The kit is designed so that customers can reuse their stock brake assembly if they wish for added cost savings, and it’s also compatible with the stock belt.

Best in Class
Energy One Clutches
(562) 698-7809

This Energy One performance clutch kit for ’02 and later V-Rods consists of 10 Kevlar friction plates on 6061 T6 cores, nine tempered-steel drive plates, and five zero-collapse coil-type clutch springs. Stack height is precision-set at the factory for maximum power transfer at all rpm. An 11-percent increase in clutch surface area makes the Energy One Extra Plate Clutch Kit for V-Rods the best in its class at any price.

Ultimate Doss
Custom Chrome Inc.
(800) 729-3332

These exclusive Doss teardrop spotlights offer a great new look to any stock or custom motorcycle. They feature a teardrop housing with a slick built-in LED marker light that doubles as an extra turn signal. They use any stock spotlamp and come complete with the Doss V-style mounting brackets for the ultimate in custom styling.

Start It Up
(909) 598-5485

Compu-Fire is pleased to announce a new application for the popular Gen 3 Starter Motor. The new Gen 3 will now operate with the Baker Drop Starter Slam Clutch (DSSC) right-side transmission system. The Compu-Fire starter features a highly efficient motor design that produces 2kw of cranking power, while only drawing one half the amps out of the battery compared to other units available. The starter has a lower reduction gear ratio of 6:1 for more torque and a six-pole permanent magnet field design to eliminate starter stall-out.

All Too Easy
Grandeur Cycle
(336) 526-2468

Grandeur Cycle’s new jockey shift kit is just the ticket for a new project or as a conversion for your present bike. Fabricated from stainless steel, then polished to a high shine, this kit is furnished complete with chrome motor mount, stainless steel shift rod, and your choice of either a cue ball or an 8-ball shifter knob. Also available as a companion to the shifter kit is Grandeur’s new jockey shift forward controls. Constructed from billet aluminum and chrome plated, the controls feature hydraulic master cylinders on both the right and left side, which allows easy installation of a hydraulic clutch control.

Sheer Insanity
Insane Custom Cycles
(623) 979-5874

Insane Custom Cycles’ new sprocket is made from stainless steel to guard against rusting, and the brake pads are made from Kevlar. The caliper itself is made from 6061 billet aluminum and it works with any 5/8 master cylinder. When building or customizing your dream bike, this is the key element to setting your bike apart from the rest.

Wreaking Havoc
Havoc Industries
(760) 949-6133

At Havoc, beauty and performance can go hand in hand. Each design is stepped and tuned to give a rich, full sound while eliminating that midrange “dead spot.” All pipes and fixtures are built for a perfect fit each time. The flanges are machined from 16 and 14-gauge steel tubing for a strong completed unit. All pipes are available in black raw or triple-plate chrome.

Weld On
HTP (800) USA-Weld

HTP’s MicroCut 300 makes custom motorcycle work easy. This compact powerhouse will sever 3/8-inch steel, blast through sheetmetal, and cut stainless steel and aluminum with virtually no warpage.

Little Works of Art
Paul Yaffe Originals
(602) 840-4205

Paul Yaffe’s handmade, hand-finished bars are truly works of art. They are the perfect complement to an old-school bobber or your contemporary chopper project. They are available in two heights: 9-inch rise or 15-inch rise. They’ll work on all stock applications, as well as custom riser and Springer front forks. Each pair is hand-finished and shipped raw so you can black them out, paint to match, or chrome plate them.

Awesome Airflow
Zipper’s Performance Products
(410) 579-2828

Zipper’s upgrade kit includes a specially designed, pleated fabric filter that is 5/8-inch deeper than the factory performance filter it was designed to replace. With more surface area, more airflow is achieved, and more power is the result. The kit includes Zipper’s exclusive washable filter and mounting hardware. It takes about three minutes to install on any TC88 engine equipped with the factory performance filter No. 29440-99C.