69 Sexy Shots of Models on Hot Bike

Way to hot to print

Model: Heather Greet

Photo: John Zamora

Harley-Davidson knucklehead

The lines between new and old get blurred

Words and Photos: John Zamora, Model: Mz. Blondie

harley chopper bagger

LA Speed Shop builds a chopper bagger

Words and Photos: John Zamora Model: Abby Parece

custom bike

When the bike is aired up the lower frame rails are 6 inches from the ground, so this bike does ride and quite well for the sum of its parts say both Todd and Tarso.

Words: Jeff G. Holt Photos: Steven Spoons

harley Street Glide

Anyone who has ever visited Florida for bike week is well aware of the year-round riding conditions and endless back roads and highways that offer the perfect location for all-day cruising with the tunes blaring in the breeze.

Words: John Zamora Photos: Greg Burns

Model: Ashley Meyer

Photo: Kurt Hoy

custom bike

When I first laid eyes on this bike I was taken aback and the sum of its parts.

Words: Jeff G. Holt Photos: Steven Spoons

69 of the sexiest photos we have put on Hot Bike. Ever.

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