6 Smartphone Apps For Motorcyclists

Apps to make your time on the road more enjoyable

The old adage “get off your phone and ride” doesn’t hold as true as it once did. With my Ram mount on my handlebars and Sena 10R bumping in my helmet, I don’t have to be “on” my phone to be enjoying its many benefits from the road. Several apps have been introduced over the years to help make the ride more enjoyable. Whether it’s by keeping me out of the rain or finding the best restaurants or the most scenic route, these smartphone applications have all helped make my time on two wheels a little bit better.

Dark Sky

Not only does this app give you real-time weather updates based on your location, it also tells you which way the weather is moving and how long until it gets there. I have been on a group ride and noticed inbound rain heading in the same direction we were. The group was able to outrun the rain thanks to the heads-up from this app.

The Dark Sky Company


This app hasn’t always been the best mapping software for motorcyclists, previously suggesting longer routes to avoid traffic. But newly updated technology lets riders select a motorcycle as their mode of transportation and opt for more scenic routes or the high-occupancy-vehicle lane.



Just about everyone knows what Yelp is.


The community-reviewing website and app are a great way to find just about anything when you’re out on the road. Need to find lunch? Easy. Need a mechanic while you’re out on the road? Here you can see what other people thought about local businesses and quickly find someone who’s worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Best Biking Roads

This app works simply and easily when you’re looking for nice curvy roads to ride. Open it up and browse routes near you or near your destination, or plan your own. Routes are rated based on road surface, visibility, scenery, corners, straights, hazards, and police presence.

Static Motion

Gas Buddy

The concept here is a classic—use the app to find the cheapest gas near you. Sure, your gas tank is small and when the light comes on you just need to find the closest fill, but when you have some time, this app will save you a few bucks really easily.

GasBuddy Organization Inc


This app is something I wanted and sought out for a long time before I eventually found it: one place in which I could plan a trip and search for various things along my route. Sure, I think Google Maps does this now too, but Roadtrippers has customer ratings and roadside attractions that you might not notice on other map applications.

Roadtrippers, Inc.