6 New Products For Harley-Davidson Fanatics

The latest to land at *Hot Bike* HQ

Whether you’re a Harley owner or an Indian owner or a full-blown custom bike owner, chances are you love checking out the new products available for your motorcycle as much as we do. So we compiled a list of some of our favorites to land on our desk here at Hot Bike HQ. From handlebars, boots, fork legs, and more, there’s a ton of new goodies on the market.

We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest V-twin products or related gear for our Harley projects, and we’re definitely digging this batch of new goodies like the Biltwell Tyson handlebars, Headwinds Gladiator headlamp, Highway 21 boots, Hawg Halters lower fork legs, Speed-King Cycle Speed-O Bottom clamp, and Arlen Ness Flare wheel.

We know the search for the perfect motorcycle part for your precious baby can be daunting, so enjoy the fruits of our labor and check out our selections here. Oh, and don’t forget to send us a pic of your customized bike when you’re all finished!

Biltwell Tyson 14-in. Handlebars


Headwinds Gladiator Headlight


Highway 21 RPM Lace-Up Boots

Highway 21

Arlen Ness Flare 5 Wheel

Arlen Ness

Speed-Kings Cycle Speed-O Bottom Clamp

Speed-Kings Cycle

Hawg Halters Bagger Fork Lowers

Hawg Halters