6 New Bagger Parts Under $300

Break the mold without busting your budget

In the grand scheme of things, $300 isn’t a whole lot of money. It might not be enough to send you sailing along on a new set of wheels or anything, but you’d be surprised at just how far it can take your bike. Trust us, we wouldn’t steer you wrong.

We’ve browsed around and bookmarked some items that we’d easily lay down three Benjis on. They’re all safe bets and will vastly increase the comfort, performance, appearance, or utility of your motorcycle—spend it where you see fit. But enough talkin’, let’s start shoppin’.

Harley-Davidson Profile Low Touring Front Suspension ($159.95)


Serving as Original Equipment on the H-D Electra Glide Low model, this front suspension setup will reduce the fork length of your own ride by more than 0.7 inch, which drops seat height and creates a closer-to-the-ground riding experience that you’ll soon get hooked on.

Original ride quality is preserved through H-D’s dual bending valve technology, and the springs included in the kit are wound to allow for compliant, yet controlled action. Combine this kit with the required low-profile hand-adjustable rear suspension for a front-to-back ride height drop.

Drag Specialties Premium 5.75-inch Reflector-Style LED Headlamp

Drag Specialties Premium 5.75-inch Reflector-Style LED Headlamp ($199.95)

Drag Specialties

Drag’s latest headlight offering comes in the form of this radically designed LED reflector-style piece that vastly outperforms factory lamps in the visibility, safety, and durability categories.

The lamp puts out a 1,200-lumen high-beam rating and a 500-lumen low beam, and is easy to install with its H4-style connector. This headlight is constructed in America and is DOT compliant, for all those keeping track.

Dakota Digital Black Stand-Alone LCD GPS Compass

Dakota Digital Black Stand-Alone LCD GPS Compass ($279.99)

J&P Cycles

Utilizing the factory gauge cup, and designed to be used in place of the 1996–2013 factory Touring model air temperature gauge, Dakota Digital’s LCD GPS Compass plugs directly into the existing gauge wiring for easy installation.

Aside from easy pairing of the device, you’ll also get a screen that displays compass heading, air temperature, and elevation, in eight LED backlit color options to best suit your mood. GPS technology provides accurate compass information to keep you informed and right where you need to be.

Le Pera Bare Bones Solo Seat

Le Pera Bare Bones Solo Seat ($228.60)

J&P Cycles

Maybe the current seat you’re parking it on is starting to wear down, feel uncomfortable, or you’re just ready for a change—without spending a whole lot of change. If that sounds familiar, Le Pera’s Bare Bones Solo Seat is for you.

The seat is low and narrow, which allows for a greater piece of the fender and frame to be seen. The steel baseplate of the seat is black powdercoated to withstand the elements, and the bottom is carpeted to protect all painted surfaces it may come into contact with. To wrap it all up, top-shelf vinyl is used to seal the deal on a seat that offers a dose of wonderful simplicity at a rock-bottom bargain price.

S&S Cycle Mini Teardrop Stealth Air Cleaner

S&S Cycle Mini Teardrop Stealth Air Cleaner ($289.99)

J&P Cycles

The teardrop-style air cleaner has been a hot commodity for S&S Cycle over the years, and to update the classic design, it was proportionally scaled down (85 percent of original size) to install over the Stealth air cleaner system.

Now, your bike can get the iconic teardrop look in a much smaller package with machined openings around the rim that provide additional airflow. The black finish doesn’t hurt matters, and neither does the fact that this package is made proudly in the USA.

Performance Machine Contrast Cut Passenger Mini Floorboard Assembly

Performance Machine Contrast Cut Passenger Mini Floorboard Assembly ($269.96)

J&P Cycles

If hauling a passenger is a regular occurrence for you, then consider their comfort and take a look at PM’s latest mini floorboard options. These take up far less room than typical floorboards and provide far more resting room than a standard footpeg.

The design of these mini boards allows for use with the stock H-D mount, and a splined clevis makes forward or back angle adjustments possible, for the ultimate in rider comfort. PM has machined the mini boards from billet aluminum for top-notch durability and lightness of weight.