6 Bolt-On Motorcycle Products Under 100 Bucks

Badass parts at bargain prices

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to get a lot. Whether you’re looking for that perfect finishing touch or are on the hunt for items to add style and function, there’s usually a product out there to fit any budget.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality either when you’re looking to save some dough if you just shop around. We were curious as to just how far a hundred dollar bill could be stretched, so we went searching for some merchandise. In some cases we got change back from our purchase, while other accessories required us to spend the entire C-note in the transaction. We browsed through leading brand names in multiple categories, and found some awesome products just waiting to be bolted on and taken out on the next road trip.

Harley-Davidson Phone Carrier Mount


There’s no getting around the fact that our cellphones have heavily infiltrated our daily routines. Since we can’t beat them, the only other option is to join them, and with Harley-Davidson’s phone carrier mount, it’s easier than ever to keep your trusty phone close at hand.

The ball-tipped mount is center-mounted to the handlebar clamp and provides a direct view of your display, just below the speedometer. Don’t worry about fumbling for your phone or figuring out where to stash it when hopping on the road; this carrier will keep it in plain view and let you utilize mapping and audio functions without distractions. (Phone carrier sold separately.)


Bassani Polished Billet Inverted End Cap

JP Cycles

Finish off your touring motorcycle’s exhaust system with a quality end cap from Bassani. Designed for Harley-Davidson Touring models, the inverted end cap has a fully polished show finish that adds just the right amount of shine to get noticed. We think you’ll agree that the details on this piece are where it’s at.

Arlen Ness Diamond Billet Mirror, Right-Hand, Black

JP Cycles

It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a Harley-Davidson, Victory, or Indian motorcycle, this universal mount mirror from Arlen Ness will attach to it, as each package comes with the correct hardware for your particular application.

The CNC-machined, forged aluminum head and stem offer bulletproof construction that you can feel, and still conform to DOT mirror specifications. Ness has designed the mirror with plenty of groovy style and attention to detail too. And they’re proudly made in the USA.

Burly Brand Black Ano Stash Footpegs

JP Cycles

Multi-purpose accessories are the best bits. Not only do they dish out more bang for your buck, they help increase functionality without taking up any more space on your bike.

The Stash footpegs from Burly Brand not only provide killer style and construction (6061-T6 aluminum), but the polished steel end caps come off as well, offering a watertight storage spot for any top-secret items you might want to keep out of sight. Also available in a clear anodized finish.

Performance Machine Revel Faceplate For Super Gas Air Cleaner

JP Cycles

One quick way to up the ante in both the performance and appearance categories is changing out the air cleaner assembly. Your motor will benefit from the better breathing capabilities with an upgraded filter element, and your eyes will appreciate the sweet lines of a killer-looking accessory like this one here.

The CNC machined billet aluminum Revel faceplate works in conjunction with PM’s Super Gas air cleaner kit by bumping up performance gains while also adding a dash of contrast-cut platinum good looks to the mix.

Saddlebag Cooler

Kuryakyn Saddlebag Cooler

JP Cycles

Warmer temps are on the way, which means keeping your refreshments cool on the road will be of utmost importance. The best place to stash your ice-cold beverages and snacks is in a cooler, but not all coolers are built to easily carry around on a moving motorcycle.

Enter Kuryakyn’s saddlebag cooler, which can fit a 12-pack of bottles or an 18-pack of cans plus ice with ease, while still perfectly fitting into your Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle’s OEM hard bags. Kuryakyn’s 1,200-denier polyester constructed bags are sealed with a TPU-coated nylon liner that will guarantee convenient coolness without the worry of condensation leakage.