5 Rain Jackets For Motorcycle Riders

Waterproof tops to help keep you dry and stay comfy

There is no substitute for legitimate rain gear. If you don’t believe that, stand outside in your favorite riding gear next time it’s raining and see just how long you stay comfortable. Now imagine being soaked while riding into cold, stinging gusts of wind. Water has a way of seeping past your standard-issue gear and making things miserable, and much research has gone into designing protective gear that not only keeps the wet stuff away from your non-waterproof layers, but also allows your body to breathe while being sheltered from a storm. You can dry off now.

There is no excuse for being caught without effective rain gear because the majority of today’s pieces are super lightweight and durable, and can be easily stashed away in the tightest of spaces. And rain gear doesn’t even have to look like utility wear if you don’t want it to, but let’s face it, higher-visibility colors do help you stand out in low-light road scenarios. Whatever style and particular rain jacket you decide on, it will be far better than not having a competent waterproof layer at all. This isn’t something you want to find out the hard way—trust us.

Harley-Davidson Long Bar & Shield Waterproof Rain Poncho


This poncho may not be what instantly pops into your head when thinking of a proper rain jacket, but it’s easy to stash, will do its job at keeping you dry, and better yet—it’s priced well under $20 bucks.

This outer layer is constructed of waterproof gray vinyl and features a built-in hood as well as snap buttons to keep it from flying off. Fact is, weather’s unpredictable, and it’s always better to be prepared for the worst. There’s no losing with this versatile piece of rain gear from H-D.

Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Jacket


As the name suggests, this jacket aims to help keep you dry through the most extreme weather events, if you see fit to ride through one. Not that you’d really want to go that route, but this extremely versatile and ultra-lightweight 100-percent waterproof jacket will do its best to keep your torso nice and dry when the wet stuff starts pouring down.

The Hurricane jacket comes with its own storage bag, which packs up compactly, making it an essential companion for rides of any length. Better safe than sorry, right?

Tourmaster Sentinel 2.0 Hi-Viz Rain Jacket


The ripstop nylon shell featured on the Sentinel 2.0 rain jacket is durable while also being waterproof and fully breathable. It also features an Aqua-Barrier under-the-helmet hood to keep water from seeping into the collar area. The chest pockets have waterproof zippers to keep your essentials safe from the rain as well.

The high-visibility color option lets you be seen when the skies get dark and the rain becomes a distraction to other road travelers, but for those who like to keep their gear more low-key, Tourmaster offers this jacket in black, red and blue colorways.

Frogg Toggs Toadz Rage Rain Jacket


Available in the colors seen here (and then some), the Toadz Rage rain jacket will come in handy when getting caught in a storm. The material used to construct the jacket is Frogg Toggs’ own proprietary ToadSkinz, which is its trademarked DriPore waterproof, breathable, micro-porous film that works wonders when paired with the jacket’s comfortable nonwoven inner layer. The end result is a fit, a feel, and level of protection that Frogg Toggs has built its name on.

The Toadz Rage jacket also features easy-access hand-warmer pockets, fully sealed and tapered seams, as well as a dual storm flap to repel cold, drafty air.

Olympia New Horizon Rain Jacket


Unlike standard straight-cut or batwing-shaped rain garments, Olympia’s New Horizon rain jacket provides a truly ergonomic fit for added confidence and reduced wind drag at highway speeds. A stowaway under-helmet rain hood features a neck gaiter for added function and comfort, and a stowaway jacket compartment makes the jacket easy to pack and travel with.

The waterproof ripstop breathable nylon shell is ultra lightweight, and keeps the water from seeping in even in downpours. Overall, this solid jacket option will prove to be invaluable when that sudden storm approaches.