5 New Bagger Parts Under $500

How to build your bike without going broke

Maybe you got a healthy tax return this year, but then again, maybe you didn’t. If you were lucky enough to get some money back from the Man—good for you. If you got stuck having to pay this year, well, you might as well do some therapeutic retail spending to help ease the pain. What kind of damage can really result in blowing 500 more bucks in the grand scheme of things? If anything, buying new bike parts will help brighten your day while keeping your focus on the silver lining of a sour situation.

Okay, so we might not be the best source for personal financial planning, but if you really do have $500 in your budget for motorcycle products, the parts below are great items to invest in. All joking aside, every single one of these products is built for the long ride, and will serve you and your bike well for years to come. While $500 isn’t exactly chump change, the parts here are definitely worth every dollar and then some.

Harley-Davidson 16-Inch Fat Ape Handlebar ($279.95)


Want to give your bike a new look at a price that won’t leave you broke? Well, look straight to Harley-Davidson’s Fat Ape handlebars. These bars will give riders of any size (even you tall guys out there) the ability to get that “hands in the air” riding position.

H-D’s 16-inch Fat Apes feature an attractive gloss black finish and a flatter hand position, which allows for wrists to stay way more comfortable over the long haul than similarly designed bars. These are also pre-drilled for internal wiring.

Drag Specialties Large Touring Double Diamond-Stitch Seat

Drag Specialties Large Touring Double Diamond-Stitch Seat ($518.95)

Drag Specialties

Okay, so we went over budget on this seat from Drag Specialties, but only by $18.95. Once you get past that, take a longer look at the double diamond-stitch details on this beauty. It’s more durable and more comfortable than that worn-out factory seat, that’s for sure, but there’s still even more in store.

The seat accepts a separately sold driver backrest assembly, and also works with H-D’s OEM frame-mounted backrest mechanism and backrest pad. Solar-reflective leather is featured in the seating area to reduce seat surface temperature by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and the seat also sports automotive-grade vinyl on the sides for longevity. This one has been built for comfort and can handle the speed over the long haul.

Arlen Ness Black Deep-Cut Driver Floorboards

Arlen Ness Black Deep-Cut Driver Floorboards ($449.96)

J&P Cycles

There are a good number of floorboard options out there on the aftermarket, but very few of them look as good as these from Arlen Ness. The Deep-Cut design is striking, and that’s really all there is to it. The see-through black-anodized billet aluminum features custom accents on all sides, so there’s no mistaking the unique styling with anything else.

Compu-Fire 3-Phase Charging System

Compu-Fire 3-Phase Charging System ($399.99)

J&P Cycles

If you’re looking to upgrade your sound system or to add any accessories that might draw higher currents than normal, a charging system such as this one will certainly help keep you powered while on the road.

The Compu-Fire 40-amp, three-phase charging system provides 25 amps at idle and 40 amps continuously above 2,800 rpm. In plain speak, this setup will manufacture more than enough power to keep your electronic goods blasting without leaving your battery completely drained at the end of the day.

J.W. Speaker 7-Inch LED Headlight Black

J.W. Speaker 7-Inch LED Headlight Black ($445.99)

J&P Cycles

Whether you are chasing that blacked-out appearance or just want to dramatically increase your on-road vision, you can’t ask more from a single headlight assembly than this one from J.W. Speaker.

The light enhances visibility with J.W. Speaker’s ComfortLite optics for both high and low beams, and still complies with DOT and ECE fixed headlight restrictions, which makes it 100-percent street legal anywhere in the world!