5 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear Security Products

Keep your stuff safe at Sturgis while you’re off the bike

The big ride is finally here, which means that your saddlebags and any other imaginable space on your motorcycle are packed with all the stuff you’re going to need for the entire Sturgis trip. To keep your expensive gear safe from thieves, consider making a nominal investment in security items to fight theft. Even a simple $25 lock can keep your expensive helmet or jacket safe from would-be thieves in search of an easy grab. Stock up on additional items that will keep your belongings secure—the last thing you need is to have to replace costly items on top of other road-trip expenses. Knowing that your valuables are protected will make your time on the road that much more enjoyable.

Kuryakyn Universal Helmet Lock

Helmets must be at the top of the list of things that are easily stolen off a bike. To avoid having your lid jacked, look into an inexpensive lock like this one from Kuryakyn.


This universal lock works on engine guards, frame tubes, or any other 7/8- to 1-1/2-inch tubes. It installs with standard tools, and will keep those lame thugs from making off with your helmet.

Harley-Davidson Helmet Lock

Thieves suck. But it’s a given that there is some lowlife scoping for easy items to steal from unsuspecting motorcyclists. To combat these turds, invest $25 and get a lock like the carabiner-style unit from Harley-Davidson. It’s built tough with aluminum and zinc alloy construction, and features a tough rubber cover to protect it from the elements.


This lock is small enough to fit in your pocket, but just the right size to fit around almost any size handlebar. Lock up your helmet, jacket, or bag, set the four-digit code of your choosing, and ward off any smash-and-grab small-time crook looking to get your stuff.

Drag Specialties Saddlebag Lock Kit

Maybe the locks on your Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle are completely out of whack. You want to make sure those bags are working properly so your stuff is kept safe during your long trip to Sturgis.

Drag Specialties

To fix those locks, check out the replacement lock and key kit from Drag Specialties. The kit includes two saddleback locks (left and right), all necessary mounting hardware, and two keys. Nothing will give you more peace of mind than knowing your belongings are locked up tight when you’re out wandering the show.

Reda Innovations Luggage/Jacket/Helmet Cable Lock

When you park your bike, the last thing you want to carry around with you are the jacket and helmet that have been glued to your sweaty body all day. With Reda Innovation’s cable lock system, you can lock those items securely onto your bike as you enjoy your time walking around.

Reda Innovations

Reda Innovations’ cable lock system is comprised of 6 feet of hardened aircraft-grade stainless steel that will keep your goods solidly attached to your bike. You can even run the cable through any extra luggage that you might have stacked on your bike. This is one piece of security you don’t want to leave home without.

Harley-Davidson 12-Inch 4-Hook Cargo Net

This handy cargo net from H-D is the perfect way to secure any item whether you’re on the road or still packed up at the show.


The net features four vinyl-coated hooks that can attach to a rack or anything else the hooks can securely grab onto. Since this cargo net has been designed to be universal, the possibilities of its use is only limited by your imagination.