5 Electronic Gifts For Your Favorite Tech-Savvy Motorcyclist

Sift through out awesome list of motorcycle gadgets, cameras, and more!

Holiday shopping is one of those things that usually gets put off until the very last minute. But right now, there is a good amount of time to sort through and lock down the right gifts accordingly. From action cameras, to communication systems, to motorcycle audio, to smart firearm accessories, we’ve scoured the Net for the latest electronic objects out there. Whether you’re shopping for someone else or for yourself, there really is something here for everyone.

Cardo PackTalk Bold Communication System

There’s much more you should be worrying about on the road than toying with electronic accessories. Cardo’s PackTalk Bold communication system is based on full voice control, so you’ll never have to take your attention away from anything than the road ahead while answering a call or communicating with up to 15 other riders around you.

“Hey Cardo” is all you need to say in order to activate the voice operation of the PackTalk Bold system. Connect wirelessly with a Bluetooth headset of any major brand, and let pressing buttons be a thing of the past. Cycle through your music, intercom, and phone features seamlessly, and enjoy automatic volume adjustments based on outside ambient noise. Simplify your life and enjoy more of what you love about riding a motorcycle.


Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Action Camera

There are a lot of action-camera options to choose from, which is a great thing for consumers. Look further than the brand name and focus on the features that speak to you most before spending your money. The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 camera is one of the units that grabbed our attention after we learned about a few of its built-in elements.

To start, the Garmin Virb Ultra 3 camera offers voice control, which is huge for motorcyclists—the fewer gadgets you have to fidget with, the better. An optional Virb remote is also available for those who prefer easy button control. The Virb camera also features a 1.75-inch touchscreen display, which is very easy to use and helpful when you have a minute to adjust its settings before hitting the road. And since this is a Garmin device, there are some key GPS functions that shine bright, such as the camera’s ability to capture performance data like speed, elevation, heart rate, and G-force information that can be added to captured videos.


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Nuviz Motorcycle Head-Up Display

Keeping your eyes on the road should be priority No. 1 when you’re on your bike. The Nuviz head-up display places customizable information smack dab in your natural line of sight, and features an intuitive eyes-on-the-road handlebar controller and built-in HD action camera to give you even more control and function.

There are certain modern conveniences that just can’t be ignored when heading out on two wheels. Navigation, communication, music playback, and other functions that you use almost hourly on your mobile device are all things that are helpful and enjoyable on the road. The key to taking advantage of these creature comforts is to avoid distracting yourself. To do so, simply mount the Nuviz device to any full-face helmet and connect to your device without ever having to worry about where your phone is.


Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

If you’re packin’ a pistol on the go or need a compact security case around the house, the Vaultek VT20i handgun safe is a great option for both. It’s slim enough to slide underneath a car seat, and can go through security checkpoints as it meets TSA guidelines. The VT20i is ultra portable and anchors with ease using supplied mounting hardware and a heavy-duty 5mm steel security cable.

This safe can be opened using a biometric fingerprint scanner that can store up to 20 different user IDs. It can also be remotely accessed from a smartphone to check power levels, view safe history, detect tampering, and can be customized to suit your personal safety settings. The long-lasting, rechargeable batteries can keep it powered for months, and the backlit keypad features a proximity sensor and ability to be set using hot-key shortcuts for quick access.


Rockford Fosgate 160-Watt Four-Channel Audio System

Designed to fit ’98–’13 H-D factory two-speaker systems, Rockford Fosgate’s four-channel audio kit comes with what you need to get your ride thumping for the holidays. The R1-HD4 amp pumps out an ear-piercing 160 watts of pure power, which gives it a radical improvement over the factory audio signals.

Installation is straightforward and painless, as the kit comes with all wiring and brackets to get the job done. Easily upgrade your bike’s sound quality with these conveniently packaged, top-tier audio components. Quality tunes are always on top of every biker’s list, and this kit can deliver incredible sound quality without piecing together individual components.

Rockford Fosgate