2017 Hot Bike Tour in Brief

Our quick post-game wrap up of the Hot Bike Tour

For the last five years, it’s been our privilege to bring you the Hot Bike Tour. It’s our very own roaming rally that, like some girlfriends I’ve had, doesn’t stay in one place. It’s the mobile home of the Hot Bike Invitational Bike Build-Off (as well as the invitationals for Hot Bike Baggers and Street Chopper).

40 Cal Customs’ Count Chopula made a big splash at the Hot Bike Tour as one of the Street Chopper Invitational contestants.

Morgan T. Gales

We really look forward to the big bundle o’ chaos that is the Tour because it’s our big chance to get together with our readers and do the big thing that unites us all: ride our damn motorcycles.

Cary Hart was chosen by the people as the the Grand Champion of the Hot Bike Build-Off. His victory spoils included a Speakeasy Original ring, a custom Skratch’s Garage painted Bell helmet,and a Weld Tables Cert-flat welding table.

Jeff G. Holt

Each year, the Hot Bike Tour sets up shop in a different location in the US of A. For the first four years, we’d all start in the same place and hit a series of destinations along the way each day until we got to Party Central. This year, we changed it up for logistical reasons. We sent Bonnier editors to various parts of the country to lead rides into Johnson City, Tennessee like spokes converging on a hub.

Majik Mike’s killer van.

Jeff G. Holt

Editor-in-Chief Jeff G. Holt took command of the East route which launched from New York and hit New Jersey and Pennsylvania on the way to the big party down south. If he were a plant, he’d have grown about three feet from all the rain on the first day out.

With its classic brick buildings, Johnson City is about as Main Street USA as it gets outside of Disneyland, making it great setting for the Hot Bike Tour

Jeff G. Holt

Once he made it to Johnson City, though, things got a lot better. Everybody had a great time, filled with great music, killer food, and, of course some of the best custom bikes around, both in the Invitationals and ridden in by our awesome readers.

Victory baggers in full attendance at the Hot Bike Tour.

Jordan Mastagni

If you’d like to know more about the 2017 Hot Bike Tour or next year’s event, bookmark our official Tour page.